Review: Nine-Tenths of the Law by L.A. Witt

“I believe you have something of mine, Zach.”

The stranger’s accusation throws Zach Owens for a loop. He’s never seen this man in his life, and he’s not prepared when he finds out what they have in common—their boyfriend, Jake.

Make that ex-boyfriend. With the jerk out of the picture, Zach hurries after the stranger to apologize… which quickly leads to some sizzling hot revenge sex.

Despite starting on the wrong foot, Nathan Forrester can’t get enough of the sexy movie theater owner. Still, he’s jaded and distrustful—especially when Jake keeps materializing in Zach’s presence despite Zach insisting that relationship is over.

With a devious ex-boyfriend trying to sabotage their fledgling relationship, Zach and Nathan need to learn to trust each other, or they’ll both wind up with nothing.

This 61,000 word novel was previously published, and has been revised to include an extended ending.

This is probably the perfect book to rate 3 hearts. It wasn't bad, it wasn't good it was the perfect amount of average.

This story is told from Zach's POV, we meet him at pub having dinner with his boyfriend Jake, when a man sits at​ his boothe revealing he’s actually Jake's boyfriend. Well that turned into an awkward dinner fast! The man, Nathan, leaves​ in a flurry of fury and after breaking things off with Jake, Zach follows Nathan out in order to apologise for his unwitting role as 'mistress’. Insert hot revenge sex.

After said revenge sex both Zach and Nathan can't seem to forget each other rather than their ex boyfriend Jake. After a few more bouts of sex they decide to give the whole boyfriend thing a go.

The story from here on out is sex, paranoia and trust issues. The thing is the sex was actually really really hot! I was surprised by how much I dug it but…. from the 25-85% mark there may have been 5% of that which was in no way related to Nathan and Zach having sex.

There was sooooo much sex!

I skimmed *hangs head in shame*.

The characters were good but not memorable, the story progression was fairly realistic but slow and rather predictable and the last hurrah of the story was fine but not anything more… you get the gist by now? Average.

Some people will really like this book and some people really won’t, but I think a large portion will be stuck in the middle like me.

A review copy was provided.

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