Guest Review: Scar by Baylin Crow


I just wanted to be left alone. After the disastrous turn my life took four years ago, I swore that I’d never let my guard down for anyone ever again. I left everything I knew behind and started over again. Things were going just fine until nearly six feet of pure temptation walked through the doors of my bar. It’s been a year and I’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding him. Things change when his friends get him drunk and leave him stranded on his birthday. I shouldn’t have given him a place to crash because now I can’t shake him.


He intrigued me from the moment we met, and I haven’t exactly been subtle about wanting him. The green-eyed bartender seems to want nothing to do with me, but I don’t miss the way he watches me when he thinks no one will notice. I’ve let him pretend long enough, and it’s definitely time to make my move. On the field, I face tough competitors every week, but this one will make me work harder than I ever have before. If I want to win, I’m going to have to up my game because he is a pro at pushing me away.

This is a standalone novella with no cliffhanger.

Reviewer: R *A Reader Obsessed*

I’ve got to say, this went down real nice and easy, with plenty of sweet sexy and minimal relationship angst.

Beard and Soccer (they nicknamed each other) have been circling one another for months. Well… Soccer has been pursuing Beard, making it quite obvious about his feelings and intent, but Beard resists, deflects, ignores, and avoids like nobody’s business. Why?? It’s clear he’s equally drawn to the charismatic Soccer, but he’s hiding a very hurtful past, having cut himself off from any potential relationship.

Well you should know, Soccer only sees that as an excellent challenge, and Beard is only so strong.

Both of these characters were likable, and once they were in, they were all in, and it was sexy, with fabulous anticipation, ending with a truly nice finish. (However, I think the author dropped the ball a bit on the potential for more sexual exploration and amping up the intimacy level, as subsequent scenes were sadly, quasi-fade-to-black. Darn!!) BUT, it’s not always about the sex right? (Though it really is). Rest assured, what we got was quite lovely. So, if you like a bit of hurt comfort, as one guy is not afraid to go after what he wants, and the other accepts love once he realizes that it’s possible, then this unfolds very nicely.

Overall, an impressive debut, and hopefully not the last we’ll see from this author.

Thanks to the author/publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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