Review: Alpha Delta by R.J. Scott

Officer Finn Hallan has never run from a fight. With Niall’s life and love at stake, he’s not about to start now.

N.B. Originally published with All Romance, this edition features the same story with new cover art

Finn Hallan is a member of the elite Norwegian Emergency Response Unit, code name Delta. When the team is sent to respond to a hostage situation on an Oil Platform, he has to face demons he thought he had buried a long time ago.

Scottish engineer Niall Faulkner’s skills in oil platform decommissioning takes him to the Forseti platform at the worst possible time. When he’s captured by terrorists, his only thought is that he will never get to tell his lover how he really feels.

Can Finn keep Niall alive? Or will they both die at the hands of hijackers in the frigid waters of the Norwegian sea?

This pains me more than anyone could know, and is my first one heart review since I started writing reviews with the unicorns. I like to think I can find at least one good thing about a story and run with it, but this was just a hot mess.

I hope with all my heart that this story has gone through another edit with a decent editor by the time it was released, because there are significant problems with this story that cannot be overlooked as anything but sloppy.

”All Finn did was chuckle, the bastard, then guide Finn back for more kissing while twisting his fingers and tugging on Niall”

Copying Finn’s movements he loosened the tight buttons on Finn’s jeans and finally managed to get his hands inside Niall’s pants.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m confused……..

I had to read the above out loud to my partner to make sure I wasn’t crazy, but the look I was given, provided me with my answer. This is not right.

I don’t like to be picky about grammar or spelling, because I know mistakes can and do happen, even with a million edits. But this is a waste of my time. I know writing is hard, but I think the basics of it should be that you get the characters right. This isn’t an accidental misspelling of a name. To me this is a draft copy, not something to be put on the market as finished work. I would be pissed if I paid money for this.

Feeling bitter about that wasn’t going to get me through the story so I laughed it off and continued…...

But it just got worse. After their first night together we are suddenly months into their relationship and this laziness continued. There was no relationship building, or plot building. I was supposed to swallow this conspiracy without any context, background, or build up. That doesn’t work for me. If a story is light on one thing, it better be descriptive and layered in other areas, and this was light on everything. I was not convinced that these two characters were a solid couple, or even a couple at all, and I certainly wasn’t convinced after the drama was over, and they were making their confessions. I didn’t care about either of them, and what would have made this story better, is if they all died.

Like I said above, this read like a first draft. All the ideas were jotted on the pages, but nothing was refined. I felt like my time was wasted, and the one shining point in all of the words was that it was over quickly. There is no way I would have finished this if it was longer.

I cannot recommend this story in it’s current form, and I’d urge readers to read other reviews before taking a chance, unless this goes through significant rewrites, edits and polishing.

A review copy was provided for an honest opinion

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