Review: Unspeakable Words (The Sixth Sense #1) by Sarah Madison

2nd Edition

Special Agent John Flynn is everything Jerry Parker is not: dangerously handsome, coolly charismatic, and respected by his peers. Special Agent Parker is dedicated and meticulous, but his abrasive personality has given him a reputation for being difficult. When new information on a cold case appears, Parker is assigned to work with Flynn, and the sparks fly as their investigative styles clash. Contact with a strange artifact changes everything when it bestows unusual and unpredictable powers on Flynn… and the two men must learn to trust each other before a killer strikes again.

First Edition published by Dreamspinner Press, 2010.

This book was a fabulous surprise. It seemed, at first glance, to be your everyday cop/special agent type fic. The important part of the blurb to note is the bit that says "Contact with a strange artifact changes everything when it bestows unusual and unpredictable powers on Flynn… ", it changes this from a straightforward crime story to one with a supernatural twist.

I suspect I could have had a healthy dose of cynicism if I'd thought too much about this before hand. Why ruin a perfectly good crime novel by adding in a supernatural element? Or, why risk a supernatural novel being a boring old crime fic? Luckily, I didn't think about it too much before hand, so no sceptical thoughts formed and I was just swept along in a story that I really, truly enjoyed. A crime stopry enhanced by the supernatural.

The story was great. I loved the characters from the start. I loved how their working relationship developed, how the trust developed and how their feelings developed. Sarah Madison is an author I've not read before but her story kept me hooked and I am itching to read the next in this series. It twisted and turned just the way I like a crime novel to do and kept me guessing at what and who and why. 

The only thing I didn't like about this book, in fact, is the cover - and that's only because the bloke reminds me of Simon Cowell. Not that I've anything against Simon Cowell, but he's just not how I pictured either of the MCs. Not sure I can blame the author or cover artist for my perceptions of the characters in the book though! 

A great read that I really enjoyed and another author to check out more of...

A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.
For more information see Dreampinner Press or  Goodreads

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