Review: Coach! by Turner Kane

"I guess we’ve both been waiting a long time for this. It’s not gonna hurt if we wait a bit more."

Jonas Jones is the new quarterback of the Statham City Stallions. But though his talents are undeniable, he just doesn't seem to be able to bring them to the game.
That is, until his Coach, the attractive older man Charlie Decker, steps in to help out. The two men find their feelings towards each other growing as they begin to work together. But will they be able to express how they secretly feel? Or will their commitment to success get in the way of the happiness they so desperately desire?

"I could take a forever of that and not get bored."

'Coach!' is a 25,000 word steamy, standalone novel with a happy ending. It contains sexually explicit material not suitable for those under 18.

This wasn't the worst story I've ever read but it was lacking an awful lot. The story line was one I was drooling over, age-gap and a ‘boss’ situation, plus all that football muscle,
I mean yum! But it just didn't deliver any of the aspects I was looking forward too.

Jonas has just started at the Stratham stallions as the lead quarterback and is struggling with his newfound fame and the pressure that comes with it. He hasn't been winning the last few games of the season. Decker is his coach who is very attracted to Jonas and claims to feel something ‘much more’ for him.

Before I get into why I struggled with this, I want to reiterate this isn't the worst story. I didn't hate the characters and the sex was plentiful and hot in a rather standard way. So that's something…

I think the aspect I struggled with the most was Decker and Jonas’ relationship. Since this is supposedly a love story between those two, that pretty much encompasses the book as a whole. From the beginning of the story both Jonas and Decker expressed an attraction and ‘something a bit deeper’ for each other. They didn't tell each other this of course because there were no signs from the other person that they were interested or even gay. The problem is there is absolutely no connection or chemistry between these two! That could be largely to do with the fact they hardly spend any time in the book together. In fact Jonas has three sex scenes with different men and Decker has sex with an old friend, all on-page (they weren't in a relationship at this point).

While I seriously don't have a problem with sex with other people before the MCs are a couple, usually the couple is still the main focus of the story, but they were together (as in, in the same vicinity) for about 15-20% of the story. Obviously I felt more of connection between our MCs and the other men they had sex with, because at least they had the history of friendship or something.

Anyway so suddenly at the end of the book Decker says he's madly in love with Jonas…. They didn't even know if the other man was gay until literally that conversation! They've never had any sort of conversation or meeting that hasn't revolved around football and now they're confessing their undying love…. *sigh* it was just too soon and too forced.

There were also changes of POV and time jumps with no break or warning in between, which in the scheme of things isn't very important.

Look, if this was free or cheaper I'd suggest giving it a go because other people will no doubt feel differently than I do, but at $3 (USD) or $3.99 (AUD) .... I wouldn't pay that much to read it.

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