Review: Tasting (Beer and Clay, #6) by Sean Michael

Find out how it all began for Peter and Christian.

Before Toby met Damon, Peter and Christian found each other on the internet.

Still in the army, Christian was inexperienced in not only BDSM, but sex altogether. Still, he has yearnings and furtively explores them in online chatrooms.

Luckily for Christian, seasoned Dom Peter recognizes Christian’s lack of experience and a kindred spirit in the man, and they take their conversations to text messages and Skype calls.

After Christian’s last deployment and only a few months before his discharge, he takes leave and visits Peter so the two men can see if they are as compatible in person as they seem to be online.

This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

My guilty not-so-secret is that I love Sean Michael's books. They are some of the first Male / Male books I ever read (Hammer Series) and yes, I find them addictive. Somehow out of the gazillions of stories he has written, I managed up until now, to miss the Beer and Clay series. This is number six in that series and I read it as a standalone (although now I have tasted it, my addiction is back and I'm craving more of this world).

Let's face it, if like me you are reading Sean Michael it is generally for hot kinky sessions between the sheets or elsewhere (often the shower) and almost certainly you are guaranteed that one of the protagonists will growl "mine" at some point.

True to form, Peter does exactly that as he contemplates Christian when the boys are getting hot and heavy. *Shrugs*. What can I say?

So Peter is determined to show Christian a good time and make plans for their future. Christian has ten days ahead of self discovery. Not only is he new to "the lifestyle" but he is also a virgin. Peter of course has big ideas for educating his "boy".

We know that originally these guys got to know each other and exchange ideas online whilst Christian was on service. Tasting takes place during Christian's leave from the army and shortly before his discharge and new life as a civilian. Peter and Christian meet in person to see if the connection they feel is as real as they think it is whilst Christian is Peter's house guest.

Sean Michael has some stock phrases and sexy moments in his repertoire (I'll bet you could identify a book by this author even if his name is off the cover) I will admit that I think he mixes them up in delightful new combinations and has skill to get me caring about his protagonists.

Case in point, Christian. I am not a fan of military types (yup, controversial I know) and yet in Tasting I find myself having a sneaking regard for the character and his determination. Christian may be new to the scene but he is no push over. In fact, there is a great deal of respect from both Peter and Christian for each other, and I find it rather charming.

Peter is quite a pushy Dom and certainly one who keeps a running commentary on what he expects and plans for the future. It doesn't always go down well with Christian who might prefer a more nuanced approach or a little more time as he takes his first steps into submission.

These guys are really hot together. Christian is both shy and courageous. He is full of doubts about whether he is doing the right thing and what being submissive says about him. Peter has a great deal of confidence. He is focused and unrelenting about pushing boundaries and encouraging Christian to follow his lead and embrace his needs without shame or embarrassment. .

Despite their difference in approach and experience, the banter between the guys is fun, including the delightfully cheesy "loofah of love" incident.

So for all readers who have caught up on the Beer and Clay series this story is definitely a great insight into the start of a new relationship. For those like myself who are just looking for something cheering to read with the bonus of delightfully voyeuristic kink, then dive right in the water is lovely and the loofah of love is waiting to be discovered.

Tasting works well as a quick standalone read (but like me, you might find it difficult to resist the rest of the series).

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