Review: Just a Suit by H.P. Medina

Merrick works on Savile Row, catering to the nouveau rich and frequently questioning his life choices. But between the days that seemed designed to vex him are visits from Darcy: spy, best friend, and hopeless crush.

When Merrick is abruptly kidnapped one day, he fervently hopes it's one of Darcy's infamous pranks and not the worst—and possibly last—day of his life.

Super cute.

I like stories that involve unrequited love being requited and that's what Just a Suit is. Merrick is a bit... stringent when it comes to his work as a tailor. Ok, he's a snob. And kind of judgey. He has a small shop on Savile Row that caters to the posh set, most of whom have no taste or style. Merrick would just assume they all leave things to him to decide.

Like Darcy.

If he could just get Darcy to take care of his suits all would be right in his carefully constructed sartorial world.

But Darcy has an infuriating insouciance when it comes to his apparel. Could be an occupational hazard, though.

The series of events that finally brings these two long time friends together is both super cute and a little hilarious. Nothing like the safety cluelessness brings. Even when the clueless have been "nicked by nutters with guns".

This is my first experience with this author and I like their style; it's smart with a bit of panache. This story is engaging and just plain ole fun. There will never come a time when I don't appreciate a skin tingling sex scene and this delivered, in Venice no less. *meow* 

Who'd pull away from a kiss like fire and colour in a grey, sad world?

Who, indeed.
Recommend for those who like a little cheeky adventure in their romance.

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