Review: Mending the Rift by Chris T. Kat

In a future where man’s ability to reproduce is severely compromised, humanity has adapted to survive. Breeders—male and female—have become precious commodities, and they are strictly guarded and subject to limitations.

Luca Walker is a breeder. Though he knows what’s expected of him as the youngest son of the Northern Confederacy’s vice president, he’s held out against the pressures of an arranged marriage because he longs to marry for love, not duty. But he’s been promised to Colonel Liam Smith and there’s little he can do about it, no matter that Luca is secretly in love with his bodyguard, Marcus Gray.

When Luca finds himself pregnant with Marcus’s baby, Smith is furious and vows to take what is his—by force, if necessary. Now Luca must fight for his life and the life of his unborn child… as well as the love of Marcus and the happily ever after he’s always dreamed of.

That was not as good as I was hoping it’d be. I was super excited to read this, mpreg story in a dystopian future, HELL YES! Unfortunately I found it slow with only bursts of storyline, and by about 60% I was skimming most of the scenes.

Sometime in the future, 200 years post a Third World War that almost annihilated humankind, men have been genetically altered to carry babies. Luca is the son of the vice president of the Northern Confederacy and comes from a line of strong breeders. Luca and Marcus (Luca’s bodyguard) are in love and through contrived circumstances, Luca becomes inseminated with Marcus's baby. There's been constant conflict between the Northern Confederacy and the Southern Union in regards to the treatment of breeders and Luca also finds himself the centre of this…through a very convoluted plot.

The story progression was unfortunately very slow. There are lots of conversations that mainly revolve around Luca’s pregnancy symptoms, Luca’s dad Nicholas being cheeky, or Luca being worried about being kidnapped… again. Also, there were a few exciting but very short kidnapping scenes. One of the most annoying aspects of the book was the time jumps of weeks and sometimes months at a time. Sometimes, there was nothing but a conversation between time jumps and other times we miss one or two weeks of a kidnapping, which sucked, because that would have made the novel much more exciting. This was obviously done to progress the pregnancy fast enough to fit in with the book length, but it was done so clunkily it took me out of the story every time it happened.

Since Marcus and Luca met and fell in love before the start of the book, the chemistry was severely lacking, other than when they had sex which I’ll get to later. Honestly, Lucas dads (Nicholas and Gregory) had a ton more chemistry and were such a more interesting couple. I would have easily read a story about how those two met.

The book definitely gets points for hot sex scenes. They were all very erotic and some of the only scenes I read in entirety without skimming.
Marcus panted as Luca brought both hands up to his bare buttocks, clutching them. The muscles flexed when Marcus pushed deeper into Luca’s mouth. Luca kneaded the tight flesh, wanting Marcus closer. He swirled his tongue around the shaft, moaning at the heaviness of Marcus’s cock inside his mouth.
The author definitely had a very creative idea with the concept of this book. The plot reads really well, but the execution was off. I’m sure this story will work for some people, but it was just too slow for me and the time jumps absolutely annoyed me.

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