Group Review: Te Quiero (Falling for You #1) by Suki Fleet

When Ally discovers dozens of naked photos of him have been posted online, he's devastated and tries to contain the situation, hoping it doesn't get worse. Only problem is his laptop has died, and Levi Francis—the guy Ally knows doesn’t like him—sees Ally acting suspiciously on the computers in the University's Physics lab. Ally's day can't get much worse.

But after Levi accidentally drops a love letter written in Spanish, Ally returns it and finds his assumptions about Levi are turned upside down. Betrayed and hurt by his ex, Ally knows it’s the worst possible time to start trusting someone but there’s something about shy, glittery Levi that gets under his skin.

We unicorn gangbanged the hell out of Suki Fleet's NA contemporary...oh the sweet feels!

Lori thought...

I love reading a new Suki Fleet story, because I know without a doubt that I am going to enjoy it. This shorter story is no exception. All the feels are contained here - though for a Suki Fleet it is pretty angst free. I'd even go so far as to say it verges on fluffy. I know, right? Yep, it's definitely by Fleet, I checked. The author who usually takes great care to make your heart feel as though it's done a few rounds with a cheese grater has written a short in which I feel perfectly happy to use the word fluff in the review of.

Ally and Levi are the centre of this short and it concentrates on the light in a dark moment. The light of new friendship an more. Even Ally's arsehole ex (he put naked sexy pictures of Ally onto the interweb, those things can't be unseen, it's a huge betrayal) can't take the glow away from the story. I think this is because it focuses more on the way Ally and Levi react and interact in the light of events than the actual relationship time between Ally and his ex.

I think Suki Fleet fans will love this. I think anyone who enjoys a short sweet story will like this. Go forth and read!

Cupcake thought... 

It’s official. I’ve been Fleeted. Though I’m told it wasn’t a full Fleeting since this is Fleet fluff? I quite enjoyed it and I appreciate not having my chest cavity annihilated so I'm counting it.

It was clear early on that Fleet’s way with words is unparalleled; it’s very figurative and metaphorical. I find this sort of writing very satisfying, wildly creative, maybe even quaint and a bit cozy. Te Quiero was like reading a series of beautiful paintings. I found myself highlighting sentences for no other reason than their winsomeness.

I wanted to say something to let him know I liked him, that I wanted him, but instead I licked my lower lip and watched Levi’s pupils expand blackly in the orange fizz of the streetlight.

Orange fizz! What a remarkably artistic way to see the world. So, yes, I am definitely enamored by the Fleeting and I will indulge in this level of gorgeous writing and sophisticated imagery again to be sure.

Ally and Levi’s story is sweet and skims the surface of emotionality without making the reader want to huddle under a blanket. Ally’s in the midst of a bad breakup and Levi’s been working up the courage to approach him so much so that he’s even taken a Spanish class. And written him a letter. A letter he doesn’t think will ever see the light of day until a chance meeting in the physics lab. That chance meeting was kismet.

Levi helps Ally stand up for himself while dazzling him with his shiny sparkly.

Levi inched closer, all shining and bright and warm, his presence as steady and unerring as the sun.

I like the sentiment of Te Quiero and am intrigued by the series, but it fell into the instalove category for me and skipped over many of the steps I enjoy reading in romance. There wasn't enough for me to sink my teeth into to fully invest in them as a couple. Yet.

But now I know what all the Fleet fuss is about and if you’ve not experienced it for yourself, you’re missing out.

SRAL thought...

"My heart is going to fucking burst. It'll probably be really messy. You sure you want to be around for that?"

That's how Te Quiero made me feel while reading:

I just want dance in the fizz of Suki Fleet's metaphors and let characters' love bubble all over my face. Or do what that water is doing above. ;)

For my second Fleet read, I think it's safe to say this is Fleet-lite category. There is very low angst, it barely gets to sound out the word angst...basically A-N-G--, oh lookit, it's a shy, awkward boy getting some love finally all thanks to a sweet lover letter!

For a short read, less than 60 pgs, I have tons of quotes.

"We're in this together. It's going to be okay," he whispered. "We're going to make everything okay. Really okay, not just pretend okay."

See it all started with a college boy being violated...

Alejandro aka Ally, is an Argentinian-Brit in college, working at a pub and has his intimate pictures splashed on the internet by his jerk of an ex as retaliation. He goes to the only private computer lab at his university that he could come up with at the time, the Physics lab. FYI: Ally hates physics, as do I, therefore it was love at first read for me and the South American. Ally's privacy gets accidentally invaded by shy, awkward, silver haired former classmate and hall mate, Levi. And a page of a love letter written in Spanish ends up being the mistake that ever happened for either young man.

Fleet portrays the devastation of being publicly humiliated juxtaposes it with a white knight in an unlikely hero and creates finally landing your crush magic. I kept looking at the bottom of my Kindle hoping the end wasn't near as I continued reading. I couldn't help that bubbly feeling the more I read.

Levi was so earnest and sweet. I ate his words. I loved his words. And his passion. I love, LOVE, when the awkward guy leads. Oh! Fleet's skinny, blond boys are going to do me in.
"I think I should warn you I'm not very good at this."
"If you got any better at it, you'd have me on my knees."
I loved the word play and thoughts in this story. I think Fleet got the feelings down pretty well. I'm not one for metaphors unless they're done well and I really think Fleet got the job done in little more than a day for the students.

This story is a beginning.

And those are my favorite of favoritest parts of relationships, that honeymoon period: where wishes seems attainable and the simplest things are magical. And though I riding the foamy waves, this story could've been longer. It's a series (yes, I know) and for a short, it ends at a good spot...some things were left hanging. Ex's like Ally's...they don't go down without a fight...*squints* So I hope I'll see more of him. Also some of the story's transitions between the main characters actions seemed slightly sped up when comparing to their pace. I could've done with a little more length.

"If this is the vast wilderness of love," I whispered my mouth against his cheek, "let's get lost in it together."

I'm down for more fizz. Pour me another glass!

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