Review: Wyatt's Recipes for Wooing Rock Stars by Clancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid

Wyatt Parker has a good life—he owns his own construction company, his own house, and he eats home-cooked meals every day. But cooking for one while watching the foodie network is more than lonely. When he learns about an upcoming reality show centered on becoming the personal chef for his favorite rock star, Wyatt leaps at the chance to audition.

Tully Randolph is the drummer for the band Unusual Potatoes. With a chef for a mom, love of good food runs in the family. When he’s asked to host a cooking competition, he’s all in—especially after he meets Wyatt, who is just the kind of big, hairy guy who gets Tully’s juices flowing. With a heart as big as he is, Wyatt wows Tully with his skills in the kitchen… and in the bedroom.

But if their relationship is found out, Wyatt could be drummed out of the competition—and out of Tully’s life. All the ingredients for a happy future are in front of them, and they just need to figure out how to bring everything together.

A couple of things are going to happen to you when you read Wyatt’s Recipes for Wooing Rock Stars and you need to be prepped. You will get hungry. Definitely. I’m a Food Network junky so I loved that part of the story. If you love food competition shows, you’ll be loving this. Secondly, you will get all kinds of heated up. More on that in a mo, you’re just going to have to trust me for now.

Wyatt is a bear of a construction worker who auditions for a cooking show and the winner gets to be the personal chef, for one year, to Tully Randolph, the drummer for Wyatt’s all-time favorite band. Wyatt has a crush and a half on Tully and I could totally relate. I’ve always been a sucker for the drummer and was convinced, in my teenage years, that I would be Mrs. Larry Mullen Jr. at some point in my life. Not giving up Larry, just sayin’. The competition is held at Tully’s house and the contestants are rooming under Tully’s roof. From the beginning there is an attraction between Tully and Wyatt. Wyatt knew that was coming from his perspective when he entered the competition and he’s surprised, flattered and overwhelmed to feel heat coming back to him from Tully.

Being that it’s a tough competition, there are a couple of token assholes to hate. I do love when I can focus my vitriol in a concentrated direction, so I had Pierre there to glare at while I read. Wyatt is a shy guy, he’s humble and a complete sweetheart. He’s also not a toned gym bunny. He’s a big guy and his quiet demeanor may make him seem soft, but that’s deceiving on many levels because he’s strong where it counts. I struggled a bit here. I was reminded multiple times of Wyatt’s size and lack of gym bod and it irritated me. I had to stop and think why that was. Wyatt was disrespected and called out repeatedly for being too big with snide remarks and shitty attitudes. I expected it from Pierre, again, it was a competition, but I didn’t like hearing it from other characters. And I know why, I married a Bear and the author got the description of a guy like that who works in construction spot on. Mine is a foreman and it amazes me how incredibly strong and agile he is. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but he can shimmy up rafters like a monkey and lift a house over his head (ok, maybe a little exaggeration, but you get me). That’s Wyatt and I was feeling incredibly protective of him so I got pissed at anyone who didn’t bother to see him. Which, is why I liked Tully so very much. Wyatt is just his type and he takes the time to really look at and listen to Wyatt. It was so damn sweet, really.
The look Wyatt gave him simultaneously promised endless debaucheries and the best damn cuddles of Tully’s life.
Tully is not your stereotypical rock star. He’s humble and appreciates his roots. Tully and Wyatt come together with a shared love of food and they can commiserate with one another over the losses in their lives. It was only a matter of time until the proverbial shit hit the fan, shenanigans happened and the show went into chaos mode. It is reality TV after all, it made sense.

Remember how I mentioned the heat earlier, let’s get down to that. So these guys are ridiculously attracted to one another and the flirting is sweet and hot, but when it came time for these two to get together, DAMN. If you never read another rimming scene in your life, well, I’m sorry, but make this be the last one and you’ll be set. It’s teasy and tense and detailed and, just, DAMN. If Tully wasn’t already falling for Wyatt at this point, this scene should put a ring on that finger.

I did have a couple of issues that nagged at me though. I mentioned how Wyatt’s size was referred to repeatedly. That was a little overdone. He was described well and I think a little less of that would actually have made more impact. The other was some of Wyatt’s speech patterns. In one sentence he would read like a bit of a bumpkin with no use of pronouns and a ‘reckon’ thrown in there and then he’d throw down with a sentence like, “How are you handling the mass invasion of your private sanctum?” It just read as a little incongruous at points and while it wasn’t overwhelming, I noticed. 

The ending was a little rushed and convenient with the epilogue, but they got their HEA so all good. I appreciated the strength and confidence of Wyatt when it came out and would have loved just a little more balance with that and the digs he got, but overall I loved Wyatt and Tully together.

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**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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