Audiobook Review: Something Like Spring (Something Like #4) by Jay Bell

Nothing in this world is permanent. Friends, lovers, even family, can all disappear in the blink of an eye. Without these anchors, it’s all too easy to find oneself drifting.

Jason Grant doesn’t have much, aside from a beat-up old guitar and knack for getting kicked out of foster homes. His latest placement is set to be just another in a long line of failures. Then he meets Caesar Hubbard, a handsome guy who lives down the hall. For the first time in his life, Jason wants to stay, which means learning to be part of a family, and not letting his feelings—or his actions—ruin his first real chance of falling in love.

Something Like Spring introduces a new character to the Seasons story, one with a troubled past and an equally turbulent future. Jason must traverse a winding road fraught with emotional conflicts and tough decisions… a road that might just lead to a certain couple in Austin.

Whether you're a fan of this series or new to the Something Like books, they really should be experienced in audio. Kevin R. Free creates an experience when he reads Jay Bell's words. He brings the characters and the story to life. I've loved them even more after listening to the audio.

I've already reviewed the print version of Spring when it was first released, so I'll try not to rehash the entire story again (even though I really want to because I could talk about it for daaaayyyys).

Honestly, I can't pick a favorite character from this series, but Jason is right at the top. Competing with Jace... although I really love Tim. And Nathaniel. Gah! See? Impossible to choose. But really, Jason holds a special place in my heart. I think it's mostly due to how much his life changes throughout his story. He sets out to make changes in his life and the circumstances he's been dealt, and he does. He turns his seriously crappy situation around and finds a family, a home, and love. Of course, not without some heartbreak.

The story starts out with Jason being sent to, yet another, foster home. But this home is different than the others. He wants to stay this time. This time he meets a boy that changed everything for him. Goodness, could Caesar be anymore charming? The dude drove me crazy! I hate that I love the guy. I tried to like him a little less this time, but with Kevin R. Free narrating... nah. Wasn't gonna happen. I couldn't help but root for Caesar and I really hope we get his story someday.

But I'm happy with how everything turned out, because William. Sweet and adorable William.

I think this is where Jason's character really shines. He'd had a rough life so far. Nothing had come easily for him. Now, he sees someone he wants and, fuck it all, he's going to get the guy. I loved his commitment to William. They really were perfect together and Jason knew this right away. He just had to make William see it, too. His methods weren't the most honest, but his scheming only made Jason even more endearing.

There were some seriously great Ben and Tim moments, too. They were a huge part of Jason's story and it was awesome to see their life post-HEA. Tim was especially wonderful. He had some major character growth and he has a special place in my heart. Right next to Jason. And Jace. And Nathaniel. These guys take up a lot of space.

Spring was so damn good. Kevin R. Free does an amazing job narrating. A couple of his voices bother me a bit, but he's got to be running out with so many characters to keep track of. I love that his voices for each character stay consistent throughout the series. I couldn't put it down and I kept making up excuses to keep listening. Like doing the dishes and laundry and cleaning the bathroom. That's how good it was! I wanted to scrub the toilet just to keep listening.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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