Review: Twinkle, Twinkle by Josephine Myles

When old schoolmates meet again, sparks fly!

It’s Christmas Eve, and down in Accident and Emergency Dr. Tom Berriman really hasn’t got into the festive spirit. Newly returned to his home town, he’s missing the big city he left behind and can’t get enthusiastic about a holiday he’ll be spending on his own. That is until he catches sight of the attractive electrician fixing the lights—who promptly crashes down out of the ceiling and becomes Tom’s patient. Tom can’t believe his luck…until he realises he knows the man already.

Electrician Vince has changed out of all recognition since they were at school together, where Vince was the butt of all the bullies’ jibes—and worse—while nursing a hopeless crush on Tom.

If the newly-hunky Vince can forgive his former tormentor, and Tom can get over his lingering guilt, maybe their Christmases won’t be quite so lonely after all.

Yep, I'm squeezing in another review of a seasonal story before the 'official' end of Christmas. Even though it was back to work today, I'm reluctant to fully let go of the holidays!

Josephine Myles is an author I know I'm going to enjoy. I have to admit, I love the Britishness of her stories; there is always a sense of home for me when I read them. Twinkle Twinkle is a perfectly enjoyable Christmas story - it's a great one to read when you're on a real Christmas story binge. Short and sweet it has all the elements for a cute seasonal story. You know a bit angsty but a lovely HEA bow tying it all up. First released in 2010, this version has been edited to reflec the Englishness the author originally intended.

There is something about characters getting a second chance. To be able to correct mistakes they made in the past. Especially mistakes made as teenagers or kids - who we are then is not who we are as adults. God imagine that, never learning anything, still having exactly the same opinions as you did one, two, three or more decades ago. That's not to say we all have to be awful teenagers, but it is only natural that our opinions and thoughts have changed since then.

Tom was caught in a situation that he could have reacted differently to, but he was young. He lived and learnt and grew. good for him. I'm glad he re-met Vince and could become the person he was supposed to be. Life has had its ups and downs for Tom, and enjoyment of Christmas is a thing of the past, until he and vince meet again.

An enjoyable Christmas story.

A copy of this book was given on exchange for an honest review.
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  1. I read this (original version) a couple of years ago and enjoyed it but with my TBR list getting longer everyday, it would have to be a total revamp before I would considering adding it.