Review: Bound (The Clipped Saga #2) by Devon McCormack

Warning: This title is erotic and contains homosexual content, graphic sex, violence, and strong language.

On the eve of the impending war between Heaven and Hell, the demon Kinzer and his mortal ally Maggie hunt for a powerful weapon that could destroy all of humanity. Devastated by the loss of his greatest love, Kinzer doesn’t believe he’ll ever find happiness again. But when he meets the immortal Hayde, he discovers all hope might not be lost after all.

The angel Treycore’s ex-girlfriend abducted his lover Kid and dragged him into the bowels of Hell. Now, Treycore searches for an entry into the immortal realm. But only one creature can assist him on his quest: Eilee, the most beautiful of the angels and another of Treycore’s previous lovers. After the war between Heaven and Hell, Eilee lost her mind and went on a murderous rampage. With her guidance, Treycore descends into Hell and battles God’s earliest creations as they journey to save Kid from the sadistic clutches of his villainous ex.

Cupcake 4.5 Winged Hearts

First things first, I think I have a wing kink. I knew I liked hot wings, though I'm not a huge bird enthusiast, clearly if I'm digging the hot wings, but these particular wings had an... odd effect on me. Any time the fluffy wings stretched I found myself growling or groaning a little. S'hot, right?

As for the second installment in The Clipped Saga, it's another adventure of breakneck proportions. From the start McCormack set a punishing pace that had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Have your Gatorade ready and maybe some carbs to keep your strength.

It picks up shortly after the end of Clipped with Treycore searching for a portal into hell to find Kid and Kinzer and Maggie searching for her child, the Christ. Treycore goes hat in hand to his first love, Eilee, to ask for help. Eilee is still pining for Trey and is not exactly stable, but I really liked her. She's kind of shallow and exceedingly vain but also a bad ass angel who will kick your ass then fix her hair and probably change her dress just because. They have many run ins with tentacle-y things who are most inappropriate, some downright rude even with their tentacles. Trey withstands his journey through hell in a Princess Bride like adventure to save his love from evil Vera.

Kinzer's efforts to find Janka and Veylo are no less arduous or violent, though decidedly less tentacle-y. Kinzer and Hayde's story is classic enemies to lovers done exceptionally well. Having both of their perspectives  provided a front row seat to the second guessing and angst and, let's not forget the most important thing, HATE FUCKING!!! Really it was more angry sex, but hate fucking packs more of a punch, doesn't it? 

There was a very yin-yang between the two storylines with Trey's being more romantic enduring hardships to reunite with and hopefully save Kid while Kinzer's tale is darker. Kinzer having suffered loss and betrayal thinking he'll never find love again and if he does will he be able to trust or believe it. Bound is very much a story of love, loss, redemption, forgiveness and sacrifice all all rolled up into a juicy, messy Chipotle worthy burrito of adventure, monster cock angel sex and stunning visuals. My only quibble is it sometimes became overly explanatory with regard to emotions or motivations.

The last 40% I was pretty much talking to my kindle as though it were the author saying things like, "no no nononononono... don't YOU do it!... you're not doing this to me again, are you? ohhhhh shiiit... you've done it to me again. DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!" like I do. There are losses, new characters, copious bloodshed, torture, some feels, tons of swords and daggers and a whole heap of thrills with some skin crawling creatures. Annnnnddd a cliffhanger. Or, at least, it better be a cliffhanger because I will cut someone otherwise.

I'm proud to say #TeamPain continues to maintain a solid lead. Gotta love that Kid. He's like my closer! #TeamLube, see you in round three. 

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Bound, Optimist King's Wench. So glad you enjoyed the second book, too. Means a lot, considering I felt like I had a lot to live up to. ;) Thanks again. Long live #TeamPain.

  2. Of course! #TeamPain got to represent! :D

    Sorry Blogger decided to shuttlecock SRAL out of the Team in this review.

    I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with next for Kid & the gang.

    1. I got shuttlecocked? Did I like it at least? Or at least get dinner out of the ordeal?