Review: Sightings by Kari Gregg

Love longer than forever.

Quinn Laramie moved to Mill Valley to care for his sick Aunt Betsy. After her recovery, he invested hours once spent in hospitals hiking and exploring the surrounding hills rather than returning to an empty apartment in the city.

Patrick, a photographer and self-proclaimed paranormal expert, saved Quinn from tumbling into a flooded creek where a bridge had washed away years ago, taking a pair of doomed lovers with it. Quinn and Patrick meet for other creepy jaunts thereafter: a derelict one-room schoolhouse, an abandoned cemetery, the burned-out shell of a home… Quinn hasn’t seen any ghosts yet, but Patrick’s shy kisses haunt him after each paranormal adventure ends.

Quinn wants more, and with their next spooky tour set to begin, Patrick is finally ready to give in. But what surprises wait them in the eerie manse atop Warner Hill?

Happy Howl-loween!!!


I'm like Scooby Doo at their very mention. Not interested to watch them in movies or read about them, most definitely my least fave paranormal being. I try to avoid most ghost romances

But this is The Gregg.

For her, I'll break my "no ghosts" rule.

And I enjoyed her spooky, sexy, sweet novelette.

Quinn, a medical transcriptionist who remains in a small Pennsylvania town, searching for possible haunted places with a possible new love, Patrick. The story starts in typical Gregg fashion. The reader is thrust into the thick of things while she slowly doles out the twists and turns. And for 11K, there are twists!

It's not as graphic as I've read from the author in the past. And I've read Gregg..."sweet" before, this is leaning to the romantic side. It's not sugary and the lone fuck scene proves that she most certainly can write a hot scene with filthy words (it's not in my Gregg top 5 though). Though fans of big guy bottoming and butt virgins might delight and coo from it. I did.

On one hand, I wished I got a chance to read and experience that month of Patrick & Quinn's dating. I think maybe getting a chance to watch them fall in love, instead of being thrown into the romantic declarations (amidst the twists). It read insta-love. And though when I read paranormal, insta-love can vary, I wish the time was given because it would have made the declarations...sweeter? More believable? I dunno, it was so fast.

And then on the other hand, it didn't pussyfoot around. Gregg is known for introducing her characters, giving just enough to tell their tale and that's it. "Sightings" does exactly that. I get what happened, why it happened and that twist actually surprised me. I liked it. I can't say this was dragged out. The mystery part helped for me. I do question how quickly everything is accepted but overall, I enjoyed.

I enjoyed a ghost romance. LOL What's the world coming to?

Recommended for non-ghost romance lovers (it's not too heavy). It's Gregg-lite.

P.S. The lube bit was worth the laugh.

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