Review: Moon Born (Feral Hearts Tales #2) by D. River

Tucker and Ryder figured that the worst was over. They'd gotten used to being lycans, they'd managed to not get killed by werewolf hunters and they'd stopped a crazy magician from trying to unleash Armageddon. However, as they try to get back to their lives, they find a whole host of new problems awaiting them. The government has established a task force to deal with paranormal threats and lycans are at the top of that list. There is a monster prowling the dark places of New York City. And the Moon Spirit has an agenda for them to fulfill. Moon Born continues the story of Love Bites, with new characters, new dangers and new complications for Ryder and Tucker's relationship. 

 I loved this continuation of Tucker and Ryder's story. Everything that was started in book one, continues here. D. River combines the contemporary world, the magical world, the fighting, pain and unease with the hottest, sweetest romance. Tucker and Ryder and the dynamics between them are what kept absolutely hooked to this book. I loved the hot sex scenes - and I'm really not that bothered by nooky in my fiction. I mean I like it - of course I do - but I can easily read a book without it. The sex here though was haaawwwwttt.
"I am so fucked, thought Ryder. Yay"
...oh I wholeheartedly agree with that yay!!
"Since screaming out 'thank you God' was blasphemous and would get them more noise complaints, Ryder clenched his jaw instead."
...noise complaint, snoise complaint. Save your jaw, Ryder. Scream away!

As well as some damn hot sex, there is a great story. A continuation of book 1, with Tucker and Ryder finding their way as lycans, figuring out who is friend and who is foe. trying to become a pack in a world that doesn't accept wolves. Along with Trey - and a cast of new, and returning, characters - Tucker and Ryder become embroiled in a fight they really don't want to be involved in. Except they both believe in the power of good and the power of right. A story that twists and turns and makes you want to keep reading and not put the book down.

As in my review of the last book, I have to mention Little Avalon. I want more in this setting. I love it.
"Passing under the cobblestone arches was like stepping through a portal of another world. The citizens of Little Avalon made no effort to look like regular people. Ryder wasn't sure if it was in reaction to their being segregated from the rest of the population or if it was simply pride in who and what they were."
I hope there is mopre of this place in the next book.

If you like fantasy books, especially those that bring the contemporary and fantastical worlds right alongside each other I heartily recommend these books. If you like hot sex between shifters - what are you waiting for? If you want to read something for pure escapism and enjoyment, give this series a try. I'm truly enjoying it.
A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.
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