Review: Storytime by K. Lynn

Since the death of his partner a year ago, sci-fi writer James Murphy has lived a quiet, secluded life. But at the urging of his agent, he finally makes an effort to rejoin society. His first step is volunteering for a weekly storytime at the local library. The decision seems like a good one when he meets the children's librarian, David.

Bright and engaging, David somehow manages to make James feel like everything will be okay. But when mutual friendship leads to a budding romance, the move forward could be too much for James. Leaving his past love behind once and for all might be a step he'll never be ready to take.

I'm fascinated with reading romances with main characters who find love after losing the love of their life.

Morbid? Maybe.

But to read about the internal struggles and obstacles of returning to the land of the living catches my eye.

As does books with librarian main characters. This book has both, so reading this was a no-brainer for me.

James is a popular science fiction writer who lost his spark. He's fifty-three and lost his partner of twenty-plus years. Though it has been a year, his work is suffering, he is still suffering alone. He tries rejoin society by hosting a children's storytime hour at his local library once a week, There he befriends children's librarian, David. Through conversation and sharing their pasts, the men find a common bond.

This was a great in-between read. Quick, light and easy to read. Though grief is a heavy topic, the author doesn't delve too deeply in James' past relationship or give a glimpse through a flashback. So other than a few brief mentions of having writer's block from missing his lover or thinking about past memories, the book was surprisingly light. I liked David but his little twist at the restaurant made him more interesting to me. I was a little intrigued by his past...naughty skeleton in closet, maybe? *grin* Excuse the wishful thinking. ;P

I like the way "Storytime" ended. Though I question how quick James seemed to get over his dead lover Paul, I like the last conversation. I love the open ending. Because James couldn't have just easily got over twenty plus years with a quick hook up. Not the guy who is still picking up the pieces of his life and struggling with human contact.

I'd read more from this author. Really enjoyed her tone.

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