Review: Protection by T.T. Kove

Adrian isn’t looking for a boyfriend. He’s focused on school and social situations make him anxious. When his mother encourages him to make a friend and be more outgoing, he takes a chance at a party. It doesn’t live up to expectations. His classmates ignore him and the alcohol tastes bad. Worse? Oliver finds him moping in the bathroom.

Oliver, the class clown and know-it-all, might grate Adrian’s last nerve, but he’s the only one paying Adrian any attention. Not only does Oliver flirt him into a bedroom, he charms Adrian’s pants off. Adrian loses his virginity to a man he doesn’t even like and in the morning his anxiety spirals into full panic. They didn’t use protection and popular-with-everyone Oliver insists they need to get tested.

Adrian is sure this isn’t the kind of friendship his mother meant and he tries to distance himself. But it turns out Oliver’s brash personality is just a mask to hide his own insecurities and family embarrassments. Adrian can relate. Oliver may be a know-it-all, yet Adrian can’t abandon him. Besides, they still need their test results. But how can the popular kid be friends with him when Adrian doesn’t want to come out of his shell?

Adrian pushed himself out of his comfort zone by going to party and being with actual people. So while at the party he decides he's just going to hide out until everyone leaves and then he can sneak away. This right here was weird to me. Huh? Why don't you just leave? Nobody was making him stay, he was just worried that leaving would draw attention to himself. Again... huh?

He's discovered in his hiding spot by Oliver. Oliver and Adrian have a class together but have never actually spoken. Oliver is drunk, talks up Adrian and decides to go for it. In the rush of things they have unprotected sex and then have to deal with the repercussions the next day.

That's where their story begins.

Can I say that Adrian is one of the most  unlikable characters I've encountered? He's so rude and off-putting. It's said that he suffers from anxiety, but that didn't translate to me. He just came off as an ass. He very rude towards Oliver and, honestly, I have no idea what Oliver saw in him.

I liked the whole 'opposites attract' theme going on here. Where Adrian is quiet and to himself, Oliver is outgoing and friendly. But I felt like both these characters were cliched and things felt forced. Even though Oliver was more likable, neither character was particularly believable.

The ending was rushed and unfinished. I don't believe in their HEA... but I really don't care about it either, since neither guy really struck a chord with me.

 A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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