Review: Heartstrings by Nova Arisól LaMason

They were perfect soul mates… and then, HE showed up. 

Vladimir Andante and Guy Largo are not only esteemed students at the world’s most prestigious university for musical prodigies, but perhaps the most watched couple on campus. Vladimir is regally beautiful, bearing the most adored male singing voice, while Guy is handsome and friendly, besting all with the piano. Their love for each other is candid and true, and steamy behind closed doors. 

While observing the entrance examinees’ performances, they notice that one man, the mysterious and good-looking Sergio Grave, stands out on stage. His passion with the violin, like tendrils of magic, captivates them and the entire audience. But when Sergio is assigned as their new roommate, his attitude, unlike his talent, turns out to be far less than stellar. What drives his harsh, repellent behavior, and why does he intend to endure the trials of the world’s toughest music school alone? While Guy always tries to see the good in others, Vladimir hardly cares to find out. When they unwittingly do, it starts a whole new roller coaster of emotions that shakes the lovers’ relationship. 

3.5 seems to be my favorite number lately. I'm liking  everything I'm reading, but nothing is surprising me or taking my breath away. Heartstrings was the same.

Vladimir and Guy are both music students at a prestigious college.  Vladimir is there to sing and Guy is a pianist. They sat in on the auditions for the new class coming in and one of the new violinists, Sergio, caught their attention.

Come to find out, Sergio has been assigned to their two bedroom dorm. Which was somewhat okay with them, except that Sergio is about as cuddly as a cactus.

It was obvious that Sergio's grumpiness was a barrier he's put up to protect himself. While trying to get Sergio's room assignment changed, Vladimir and Guy find out what he's protecting himself from.

Sergio's past is heartbreaking and now that the guys know what the problem is, they are kind towards him and encourage Sergio to open up. I liked that they wanted to help him, instead of taking the easy way out and continue with trying to get him moved.

I thought Vladimir and Guy broke down Sergio's walls kind of quickly. The guy has some obstacles to overcome and he's totally justified in his previous demeanor. From what I understood, he's always pushing people away and it's a habit he's had for years. And then, just like that, he's open and thoughtful towards Vladimir and Guy? Hmm. I don't know. Didn't feel genuine to me.

Although I did like the menage aspect of the story and how Vladimir and Guy brought Sergio into their relationship. It certainly wasn't planned, but they went along with what felt right. I think the blurb is misleading here. With this line, "They were perfect soul mates… and then, HE showed up." it makes it seem as if there's jealousy and that Sergio causes problems between Vladimir and Guy, and that's not the situation at all. Vladimir and Guy are really open with each other. They're solid in their relationship and take things on together. 

Heartstrings was very sweet and sometimes sexy. Add in a ginger with an amazing accent and you've got a fun weekend read.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.