Review: Rock Rod Studios Presents: Alex Undone by Emory Vargas

Alex's first 'gay for pay' porn job results in much more than a paycheck. After having his mind (and more) blown by a professional performer, he shacks up with the studio's hot, tattooed administrative assistant.

Peter is flirtatious and edgier than anyone Alex has ever met, and he's deep in a lifestyle Alex has never imagined. His habit of bringing inexperienced boys home for a rough tumble grinds to a halt when Alex wants more than a meaningless lay.

Once Alex has a taste of sexual freedom, he might be gay to stay.

"Touching a penis? Yes. That's in the contract."
"I didn't mean-"
"You did. That's what all the straight guys are worried about. First, do they have to touch a penis? Second, any butt stuff? Because they'd really prefer to not do the butt stuff."
I've read three books by this author in a matter of months. Granted, they were short but I don't normally do that, unless you're Chuck Tingle or Rob Colton. Sometimes, I binge read if the authors words hit me just right. Emory Vargas? She's got it. I'm reading it and paying attention. Remember that name, okay?

"Rock Rod Studios Presents: Alex Undone". First off, how awesome is the porn studio name? And secondly, I'm hoping by the title there is more to come from Rock Rod Studios because this short is seriously one of the funniest things I've read. I laughed hard, continuously and extremely loud. Oh the quotes...the fucking quotes I have.
"Miranda wants Andre to rim you. Is that okay?"
"What that?" Alex thinks about basketball.  He played soccer in high school and he's kind of embarrassed about how little he knows the sport. Rim. Rim shot. Lay up? Free throw?
"It's where he licks your asshole...But most guys get into it after a little while...It feels nice, I promise."
Not basketball.

This story is about broke college student Alex. He's "straight" but for $500, he'll participate in a gay porn movie. The story starts with him clutching his bill of health from his college clinic and meeting the studio's hunky, alt-guy administrative assistant, Peter. Peter is just my type, slick talking, tattooed, with thick framed glasses and flirtatious.
"Don't pass out...If you live, drop by and get my number." 
"In case you don't get a chance to do everything you want."
He tries to ease nervous straight boy's panic. But I'm glad it only worked for a little bit because being in Alex's head was fun. Hella fun. He is a gay virgin in every sense. Alex knows nothing about the joys of gay sex...hell you saw the rim job quote. Alex is cute and clueless. Reading his deflowering with another professional porn actor made the scene even better. (There isn't any penetrative sex in this book and there is a major sex scene with someone other than the MC) Alex learns something about himself from his acting debut. I don't know if he caught it by the end of the story. But Peter the administrative assistant does!
"Baby, you are so wet," Andre says, his voice rough. Alex doesn't care if he's acting or not. He's probably acting. He's a professional. And it's awesome that he's a professional because he is professionally fucking good at rim ups or whatever this is called. He should be given medals or a title. 
Give me a minute...

Peter is a submissive. He sees the same quality in a certain someone. *groans* Did I mention he's a big guy? *quelts* 
"Submission is a deeply personal, psychological process. It's not just doing what you're told. It's meditative. It's release of the self."
 I loved the way Ms. Vargas writes BDSM themes and doesn't make it so overt or cliche. Third story where it's not too gimmicky like a lot of the popular BDSM where the kink is lame. If you cringe when you see BDSM attached to a story, don't fret. There is not BDSM practiced in this story. Just discussed.  

"Cockslut" was thrown around. *grunts* After that, I was so ready for Alex to get "his ass ramrodded". I swear my wolf razor teeth grew out of my damn head because I was going to read about virgin ass getting split and plowed. 

This was me. This is what I turn into when cockslut or manpussy is mentioned. Yum!

I was fucking READY! butt virgins were taken in this short. 

Alex! Alex actually uses his head! (The one upstairs) He's been pretty clueless and homeboy proves the elevator does go all the way upstairs! Loved that.

It was interesting to get a glimpse of Peter, the real one. I enjoyed his flirting and his needy bottom boy ways that came out to play for a few minutes. But when we learn he has some issues that he seeks help with and still wants to start something with Alex, sees the potential there...why it makes this bi-curious vs. gay submissive erotica something substantial.

Great mix of humor and erotica in a bite sized nugget! The story ends HFN-ish. But there are so many more stories that can be produced from this little story. I was so impressed, I added it to my 2015 favorites shelf. 21 pages...hilarious. Definitely my kinda humor.
"Most guys don't submit to face-fucking like that."
"I wasn't submitting."
"You were. It's not a bad thing. The way you had your eyes closed, and you looked so happy. You looked like you were accepting Jesus into your life."
[...] but now he's picturing Jesus Christ with a huge cock and next time he gets dragged to church on Christmas Eve it's going to be really awkward.
C' know you want to read to this book. 

Highly recommended. (I'll eagerly await more!)

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  1. You've just ruined Chrustmas Eve for me 😉, but I always prefer the main day anyway, so considered it sold!

    1. Yay! I hope you enjoy (I think you will) :D The next Christmas Eve, I'll probably be giggling just on that quote alone.