Review: As Spring Rain by Valentina Heart

Gabriel is hell-bent on self-destruction. Every man he chooses is a man who will hurt him, and when he can't find others to do it he turns to hurting himself. Whatever it takes to bury the wrenching, forbidden, but inescapable feelings tearing him apart.

But everyone has a breaking point, and when his twin brother Michael comes to pick up the pieces something will have to give before there aren't any pieces left…

Warning: this story contains incest

Michael and Gabriel live together and have been lusting after each other for years. But neither one does anything about it because of the whole twin thing. Ya know, it can be frowned upon. Not here though!

Gabriel's character is so self-destructive and angsty. Everything becomes an issue, an issue that he can't fix without Michael's help. He's completely co-dependent on his brother. All of this I would be okay with but... Is it because of his parents? Or because of his want for his brother? Or all of his exes? Is he depressed? I'm not sure. It was unclear why he's such a mess. There was a lot of telling about Gabriel's bad choices and determination to hurt himself. All of the background was focused on his road to self-destruction, but I still never got a real grasp on who he is and why he's this way.


hot twins are HOT.

Their first scene together was intense. It was raw and gritty and sexy. It was dirty and real and messy. It's what I was waiting for. All the build up led to one passionate scene. 

But then, what? Michael is all better? I don't believe it. I think I saw that there's going to be a sequel and, goodness, I hope so. This needs a better conclusion than BOOM! they have sex and everything is grand. Michael has way too much to work through for it to end here. 

Did I like it? Well, I couldn't put it down, but I wouldn't say I enjoyed my experience. There was too much hurt for me to find this enjoyable. I was intrigued and I want to know more, so yeah, I recommend it. Make sure to read the blurb and the triggers first.

 A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. A friend had already recommended this author and book, I believe she described it as a difficult read but addictive....we shall see, it's on my list.