Review: Tame a Wild Human by Kari Gregg

Drugged, bound, and left as bait on the cusp of the lunar cycle, Wyatt Redding is faced with a terrifying set of no-win scenarios. Best case: he survives the coming days as a werewolf pack’s plaything and returns to the city as a second-class citizen with the mark—and protection—of the pack. Worst case: the wolves sate their lusts with Wyatt’s body, then send him home without their protection, condemning him to live out the rest of his short life as a slave to the worst of humanity’s scorn and abuse.

Wyatt’s only chance is to swallow every ounce of pride, bury his fear, and meekly comply with every wicked desire and carnal demand the wolf pack makes of him. He expects three days of sex and humiliation. What he doesn’t expect is to start enjoying it. Or to grow attached to his captor and pack Alpha, Cole.

As the lunar cycle ends, Wyatt begins to realize that the only thing to fear more than being sent home without the pack’s protection is being sent home at all. 

"You need a dick in this ass, human. A lot of dicks. Fortunate for you that you'll be fucked in abundance. Now shut up."

This starts the tone of Kari Gregg's latest, "Tame a Wild Human" but it does not define this paranormal erotica treat. Set in an urban fantasy setting, this story reminded me a little of the movie, "The Purge". In this world, instead of purging out the weak, wolves and humans live together but every full moon, wolves are allowed to unleash their beast and hunt humans for fucking and more.

No one dies in this book, but the way this society is set up, humans are low on the totem pole of superior beings. They're weak, greedy and untrustworthy. Wolves sift through the humans that aren't hiding behind fortified buildings, fuck them. Whether they want it or not. Here's my trigger warning: non-con gang banging, some violence (it's not just a huge fuckfest) and some gore. Don't get me wrong, the triggers do play a major part of this story but that is not the only player. It created a werewolf society that actually hunts for mates but they don't ask or woo or go through the hearts and flowers preamble. (I don't mind the preamble but sometimes I want to get to the point -this story does this) They take what they want. It might be vicious to some and if you rather werewolves that act more like humans than the true predator that they are supposed to be, I wouldn't suggest this.

You add a shifter to story, I'm checking it out. Kari Gregg writes a shifter anything...I'm on it.

And she didn't disappoint me. She writes great animal shifters - they usually don't play by the rules, they do some filthy, squeamish things and revel in their nature. Was this dark? I guess? My scale is pretty warped so it wasn't scary or extremely dark to me, as more hot and cool. Because the beast in this story is the human.

Wyatt is a human, sold out by his brother, Andrew, to settle his brother's gambling debts on the first night of the full moon. In this society, humans who are used by the werewolves for rutting and survive, have two options. Either come back with a wolf token (ear piercing) or nothing at all. If you have a token, you have protection of wolves against the other humans. If you don't come back with a token, you can be used however the humans want to use you. Any wages you earn upon return, goes to the next of kin which would be Andrew. Andrew got to steal his brother's life because he's greedy and immoral.

Wyatt's brother drugs, binds him and leaves him in the woods. An alpha and his pack finds the straight Wyatt and shows him quite a gang banging time for the first day. As the full moon progressed, I learned about the werewolf culture. Humans are there to fuck, protect, mate. Humans can be too selfish to understand their worth to a werewolf. Sluts are there to slake the pack's needs. That is how Wyatt starts out. He's terrified but he's also strong because he steels himself to accept whatever the pack dishes out to survive. He might seem resigned but there was strength in his actions. He wanted to survive even if he had to be used to get to his endgame -a token and running away from the wolves.

And used him they did.

And it was obscene. And lewd. Non-con was A gang rapes Wyatt.

But he was not defeated.

In fact, he comes to think like a wolf. Yes, he's still afraid but he understands them. I understood him. He became to need so prettily. Especially once the alpha really introduces him to werewolf physiology

The things Wyatt did. Damn. And when he began to crave those things, that's when the magic happened.

Wyatt was raped, over and over. They broke him down. He was a warm hole, a whore but he became an alpha's bitch, a mate. It might've been forced but I thought he was worthy. It might not be textbook romance but to me, mating surpasses that. Mates are together for life, there is no other. And I really, really liked this one. I liked how Wyatt was tamed.

And if this sounds like this is up your alley, enjoy!

Well written, fuckhot, giving you just enough to get a slice of Wyatt and his Master's life.

I've been Gregged and I liked. Wish there was more but I am satisfied enough with how it ended. I'm resigned to Kari Gregg endings. *shrugs*

Recommended for readers who don't mind non-con, forced mating and gang bangs. "Tame a Wild Human" will be released 1/19!!!!!!!

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