Review: Well Traveled by Margaret Mills and Tedy Ward

Gideon Makepeace, a young man of twenty, knows who he is and what he likes: decency, men and women too, horse training, and fun... and in Livingston, Montana, in the lush autumn of 1895, he finds he likes a Lakota Sioux Indian better than he might ought to.

Jedediah Buffalo Bird is seriously wounded and seeking medical care, and Gideon helps Jed when some bigoted townsfolk might have done otherwise. Jed, who knows the wild far better than Gideon and feels indebted to him, agrees to repay him by being his guide to San Francisco.

Their trip takes them across thousands of wild miles, through the mountains men mine and the Indian reservations dotting the plains. Facing a majestic West, they learn from each other about white folks and Indians alike. Gideon’s interest in Jed is clear from the start, but will Jed give up the life he knows for a young, brash white man he has perhaps come to love? Or will he push Gideon away in favor of the peace of nature and the personal freedom of having nothing to lose?

 This was simply wonderful. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t love about it.

The relationships were real.
This issues were real.
The men were good men.
The banter was fun.
The setting played like a movie. I could see and feel everything.
The sex was hot.
The writing was superb.

What more could I want? Nothing. Really.

Set in the late 1800’s, Gideon Makepeace is about to head back to San Francisco to where his family is playing in a wild west show. On his way through town he finds Jedediah Buffalo Bird badly injured and in desperate need of medical care. Unfortunately, there aren’t many doctors willing to help an Indian. Gideon stops his travels to be a Good Samaritan to Jed and help him through his injury. I seriously adored Gideon and his charming ways. Really, Jed didn’t stand a chance against this man. I don’t think anyone would. He was just a genuinely kind person, willing to help out anyone who might be in need. So when he saw Jed needed help, he automatically offered. In return, Jed agrees to accompany Gideon in his journey west. Jed has some real prejudices against white men and has a hard time accepting that Gideon would just do something like this just because. But, of course, Gideon was able to charm him into seeing things his way and once Jed was better they were off to San Fran. 

 "Gideon...why did you come here?"
"'Cause this is where you are, Jed. And I’ve decided that that’s where I want to be - wherever you are."
Oh, their journey was wonderful to witness. There was nothing face paced or action packed about this novel. But there didn’t need to be. There were some interesting characters they met along the way and some important friendships were made. But, the focus was really on these two men and their unlikely, opposites attract type relationship. Gideon is a care-free white man who can charm the pants off anyone. Then Jed, an Indian who is a very quiet-natured, protective and cautious of everyone he meets. And yet they fit together so well and complimented each other perfectly.

I heart them. Completely.

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  1. I think I could like this. Checked it out on Amazon and it is a bit more expensive than I would normally pay for an author that I've not read before but, as your rarely wrong, I think I'll give it a go.