Review: And Then That Happened by Liam Livings

Should you settle for a nearly perfect happiness or put your heart on the line for more?

It’s 1999 and 28-year-old Dominic’s carefully planned suburban life with his boyfriend Luke is perfect. His job as a nurse, his best friend Matt, his relationship with his parents, everything is just right. He and Luke have been together ten years, seen each other through friends’ deaths and their parents’ ups and downs, and even had a commitment ceremony. 

Fate throws Gabe into Dominic’s life. Gabe isn’t happy with his boyfriend, but he stays with him, because, well it’s complicated. And then that happened. Gabe’s open relationship, impulsive nature, enthusiasm for life and straight talking advice are fascinating to Dominic. They’re friends, they click over a shared love of Goldie Hawn and Gabe shows Dominic there can be more to life than planned and safe. So why can't he take his own advice?

And Then That Happened is about finding a new kind of happiness, even when what you have is already perfect. And how sometimes perfect isn’t quite what it seems.

Warning: This review may contain spoilers.

This, this book. Firstly I need to say, I don't think it is going to be a  book for everyone, there are elements to it I know some people don't like..emotional cheating for one. HOWEVER...despite it not being a moonlight and roses book, it had a truth to it that I really appreciated.

I believe this may be Liam Living's debut novel (but I couldn't swear to it) and it is written with an honesty, an edge, that I loved. Some sentimentality took place for me - being as I was in the first years of my, now, husband in the late '90's and like reading a book set in a place you know this adds a more personal touch to the reading experience.

Liam took a delicate subject, attraction to someone who is not the person you had thought you were going to be with. That balance of trying to contain or deny those feelings, trying not to let them affect the relationship you have. It highlights the thin line so many people end up stepping over. Usually cheating - physical, emotional, is not a storyline I enjoy at all, yet it works here. 

Dominic is a character that I think is one of the most realistic I've read. He is far from perfect. His choices even less so. Gabe blows into his orderly life, and turns it upside down, they both questions choices they have made. Try to convince themselves all they have is friendship....and then that happened...the unplanned. The choices and decisions and regrets and fears and....

It is not all about being split between two people, in many ways this is a very small part of the story. The catalyst for more choices, decisions, regrets, fears...and the chance to be in love.

I really don't want to spoil the storyline but I think this book really should be considered by everyone, don't dismiss it out of hand. It is going on my favourites shelf, and I hope it makes it on to yours.

A copy of this book was given to us by Love Lane Book. An honest review has been given in exchange.


  1. Another review that leaves me wanting to investigate further, I like the way you said that Dominic was one of the most realistic characters that you've read....intriguing.

  2. This is on my to buy list. Now to get money to buy. Happy Holidays

  3. I hope you both enjoy it. - Like I say, it won't be for everyone, but I truly loved it!

    Happy holidays to you both. xx