A Dear Friend and Honorary Unicorn Pal - Thanks to Lorraine!

We have met so many amazing authors in this past year. So. Many.

We have read so many great books in this past year. So. Many.

We have had so many ridiculous chats in this past year. So. Many. Too many? NAH!

Plus, we have met some fellow readers who follow the blog who we are proud to call our friends. We know we aren't a blog of mega proportions, we aren't game changers. We are just a bunch of like minded goofballs who want to talk books with fellow like minded goofballs. Badass goofballs, but goofballs nonetheless. We asked one of our most loyal friends and now Honorary Unicorn to share some thoughts about BMBR, so without further babbling on my part, I'm going to pass the mike to our very awesome pal Lorraine . . . .

It's only been 1 year? Well they certainly say time flies when you are enjoying yourself and this stable of thoroughbreds certainly proves the point. They have succeeded in making me "dirt poor" in one year! Why? I hear you asking, well the answer is really simple - their amazing ability to forage through the fodder and bring the most delectable delights to the table.

 This year, through the blog, I have found some truly talented authors and amazing books that I would never have found on my own. The list goes on and on, but the books/authors that immediately spring to mind, are delights such as "Assimilation, Love and Other Human Oddities" (Lyn Gala), "Punch Drunk Love" (Nico Jaye), "Game On" (Olley White), "Eat, Knot, Love" (Pandabomb), "Ten in the Bin" and "Sixty Five Hours" (N. R. Walker) and don't even mention my TBR list - I said don't mention it (I'll just say that it is extensive and leave it at that).

One of the strong selling points of the blog (unlike so many others) is that they tell you straight - the good, the bad and the ugly. They don't cowtail to authors or peer pressure, they tell it as it is, which is just so refreshing and the reason I keep going back again and again. I salute the blog and wish them many happy returns.

THANKS LORRAINE!!! We truly appreciate you appreciating us and always look forward to your comments. We are honored to call you friend.

So, the plan was for our artiste in residence to craft your unicorn persona, technical difficulties beyond her control forced us to change our plan (her super fancy doodle thingy broke). But, I did find this awfully cute little sweetie who fits your unicorn self so well. Lorraine, your unicorn self is:

ETA: Apparently I'm a lying liar who lies, Natasha was able to fashion a unicorn for Lorraine using her mouse :D. She claims it to be the crappiest thing ever, but we love all her art and who doesn't want an original Natasha Snow unicorn in whatever medium it is created in . . . .SO . . . .

Tulip is a little bossy boots. She is a darling horse, spotted like a Dalmation, and she protects children from bad dreams.

Look at you! You're adorable!
Thanks again Lorraine, you're the best! Kick your hooves up and enjoy a clubhouse cocktail on us! You are among friends, goofball friends, but friends through thick and thin.


  1. Dam, you made me cry! I've sat here just looking at my ipad for goodness knows how many minutes with these little tears of joy streaming down my face, a big smile on my lips and feeling so humble, words fail me - I'm speechless. Your right about one thing, my protective spotty Tulip Darling is a CUTIE and I am so proud and honoured to be accepted within the Stable - not sure about the "bossy bit" though........