Review: Once a Brat by Kim Dare

Experienced dominant Marcus has a stalker. On the plus side, the boy following him around his local leather club is gorgeous and a self-professed submissive. Unfortunately, he’s also inexperienced, bratty, and liable to drive Marcus insane with his incessant chatter and questions.

Bret Daniels fell head over heels with Marcus the moment he first saw him. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Marcus’s attention and prove his worth as a submissive. He might not be a traditional sub, but he knows he has a lot to offer a dom who can handle his quirks.

When Marcus gives in and agrees to do a scene with Bret, sparks fly. One scene quickly becomes another, and another. But will it be a case of once a brat, always a brat? Bret intends to prove to Marcus that—expectations and experiences aside—he deserves his master’s collar.

This title is part of the Kinky Cupid universe.

October Author of the Month!!!

I've been thinking quite a bit about why it is Kim Dare resonates with me so. Let's call a spade a spade. I normally like kink that's harder than what she delivers and erotica that's probably closer to porn than erotica. So why am I so horny for her?

What I've narrowed it down to is twofold. She could turn a legal brief into something akin to a cozy-blanket-with-hot-cocoa-by-a-fire-and-a-great-book kind of good which is a talent in and of itself. But what really impresses me is her ability to construct unique characters. I've not read her complete body of work, but I've never felt like I was reading different permutations of the same characters. That's unreal given how prolific she is and speaks to her creative talent.

Bret and Marcus were yet another example of two unique characters. 'Bret the Brat' really wasn't that bratty, much to my relief. Well, not the bratty that makes me cringe. He's chatty but obedient to Marcus. He's also a newbie to kink but decisive; he's no wallflower. He zeroes in on Marcus straight away and is persistent. I like that. I also liked his intelligence and logic, the way he considers situations and weighs his options rather than acting on impulse.

Marcus is some indeterminate number of years older than Bret and well acquainted with the scene. He's never really committed to a sub before and his feelings for Bret escalate quickly which shocks him. Kim always makes her doms conscientious and adherent to SSC. It's the level of strictness that varies and Marcus values obedience. Bret's motor-mouthiness he finds amusing and it is.

Maybe most of all, he longed for Marcus to tach him how to kneel, defenceless and vanquished at his master's feet, gratefully submitting to his dominant's better judgement.

They meet at Spread Eagle (haha! love that name!) and begin working on trust. Things progress nicely mainly focusing on power dynamics. The swing/O-ring gag scene was my personal fave. I liked both of them and their romance, but I feel like it needed more time to percolate before they got to the HEA.

Once a Brat is a great start to a series which I look forward to completing once she's completed editing.

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