Review: The Last Paladin series (Books #1-3) by Vaughn Demont

I'm doing something a little different for my Author of the Month read. If you follow me on GR, you know I love freebies. So imagine my delight when I discovered Vaughn R. Demont has a series of short stories out for all to read. For. FREE!

You can download a copy for yourself HERE

The Last Paladin freebie is the entire series, books #1-4: A Squire's Vow, Courage and Faith, Devotion and Grace, and The Rites of Spring. I am reviewing the first three stories but adding the blurb of #4 as a bonus. (Trust me I am reading #4 very soon)

A Squire's Vow: Closeted pagan and self-proclaimed prude Lennox Kingsley is the last person anyone would expect to be a follower of Pan, the god of lust and revelry. When he meets Karden, a handsome satyr, during a jog in the park, Lennox begins a journey he could have never imagined. Karden is about to show Lennox a world he's never imagined, but first he has to be initiated. Will this sacred knight-to-be learn to put his prudish ways aside? 

Review: 4 Hearts  -- Virgin college student Lennox has offered himself to be the last paladin (knight) for the god of lust, Pan. But how can a squire of the legendary lust machine be a virgin? This all gets fixed on an altar. The back story is sweet, the characters are engaging and it feels like there is a history/story to be told. It's just the tip of the iceberg. Be prepared for major insta-love from the main character. This story is setting the groundwork for the future. Reading the paranormal world through Lennox's eyes was fun. Satyrs, rutters and drinkers, oh my!

Courage and Faith: Only a week into his training to become the next Paladin of Pan, Lennox is already well-versed in the reveling lifestyle thanks to the efforts of his satyr mentor Karden. When a vampyr threatens his liege, though, Lennox is forced to take the next step in his training far sooner than expected. Can Lennox survive the ordeal armed with little more than courage and faith?

Review: 4 Hearts-- Lennox is still a squire of Pan in training. He's becoming more lusty, a fan of wine and appreciative of the male physique. He is getting his cock trained by satyr, Karden to fight battles of evil. One thing I am noticing with this series is a love of all things man, especially the penis. Sucking, groping, fucking, cumming, heavy balls filled with seed being worshiped, meaty staffs getting on the Pan divine side of happy. The deity Pan and his satyrs help Lennox with his first major battle against his vampire Economics professor. The writing is still great as the first story and we get to learn more of the paranormal/ urban fantasy world created. Plus, there's menage. ;D

Devotion and Grace: With a succubus under his protection and his two satyr lovers in tow, Lennox returns to Elmwood to spend Thanksgiving with his father, who has been blissfully unaware of his son's new career as a paladin. When a demon follows Lennox home though, his two worlds collide, and Lennox will be forced to make the hardest of choices. Between his lovers, his father, and his vows to his liege, where will a paladin's devotion lie?

Review: 4.25 Hearts -- This series is getting more interesting as it progresses. While this series definitely loves the penis, the characters are beginning to take shape. Lennox is learning how to be a paladin with the help of his satyr lovers, Karden and Darren. As Lennox grows closer and in love with his satyr lovers/trainers, he gets sucked into protecting a succubus. The mythological world the author created just got bigger for the college student. It's Thanksgiving and guess who's coming over to dinner with Lennox? The story is hilarious, filled with a little more action than the last and a hint of suspense. The lord Pan is an enigma and he's dropped the biggest hint about his past. I wonder what will happen next for him? There is a little love triangle action going on, which I never turn down. I am totally rooting for parties involved. Lennox is finally getting into his groove as paladin. I really like it.

The Rites of Spring: Facing the weakening of his liege, Lennox embarks on a quest to find Persephone, the goddess of spring, but quickly finds there is more at stake than simply ending the long winter that has gripped the City. When Lennox is ordered to call off his search, he must face a difficult choice. He can break his vows and save the damsel in distress, or remain a paladin and let a goddess die. The Rites of Spring is the sequel to the Last Paladin Chaser series.

This freebie? Definitely recommended. Who knew human/satyr loving could be hot?

I enjoy the sense of humor in the writing, the mythology and the magic. And underneath all of this, Lennox was still relatable. I hope all ends well for him because he surely is one brave human. Urban Fantasy lovers should definitely give this freebie a shot!

Our thanks to our September author of the month, Vaughn Demont, once more.  Stay tuned for his interview and unicorning later today!

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