Review: Just Playing (Pax Cymrica: The True History #1) by Ingela Bohm

Michael and Jamie seem fated to make music together. But the thrill of playing soon turns into something more, something neither of the young men can handle. Unable to just stay friends, their only option may be to avoid each other completely. But when things start moving for Jamie's band, a decision has to be made: either this is goodbye, or they risk everything and let Michael join.

How many times can two people break each other's hearts?

Not to mention... MINE! My poor heart. It was crushed over and over again.

Jamie and Michael become instant friends when Jamie is the new kid in school in their Senior year. Michael is bullied and is kind of lonely, so he latches onto Jamie right away. Happy to have someone to share his time with. They start playing music together and dream of starting a band. Well... they dream of doing other things together, too. Heh. Heh.

Unfortunately, neither boy feels confident enough to really pursue being together or to even admit that what they're doing together actually means something. And what exactly are they doing together, you say? Lemme just ask this... why in the ever-loving-hell is mutual masturbation so effing sexy? Unf. I mean, they're not even touching, FFS! But the tension. Gah.

The tension.


"'Although I am kind of fed up with my own hand.' [...]
There was a pause.
Then: 'How about mine?'"

Michael is far more secure in what is happening between them. He figures out pretty early on that he'd take whatever Jamie was willing to give. But Jamie just wasn't there yet.

And so it goes on. And on and on. They do a little jerking-off together. Jamie freaks out. Michael is heartbroken, but so into Jamie that he goes right back. And the cycle continues.

But throughout their back-and-forth sexual encounters there is a really sweet and endearing friendship that grows. These guys are way cute (and we all know I'm all about the cuteness). They really get each other and you can just feel their connection and how deep it really goes.

"And yet it filled him with the most exquisite feeling: to just stand there and look into those eyes. He was held up with the force of that blue gaze. His knees had already buckled, and yet he was still standing. He didn't care if this man broke his heart, as long as he allowed him to stand here in their silent snowed-over world, the moment before it melted into slush, staring into his eyes, feeling the warmth from skin just out of reach."
Yeah, I definitely got the feels. Especially from Michael. Sweet, scared Michael. He wanted whatever scraps Jamie was going to dish out. He followed him around sickeningly in love. I was so happy to see him grow a set towards the end there, but then he quickly went back to his old patterns. I hope he grows up a bit in the next book. He's so freaking loveable and I'd like to see him stand up to the pushy people in his life who think they know what's best.

The writing is superb. Superb, I tell you! Poetic and full of meaning. It's like the author hand picked each individual word for a specific purpose and it so worked for me. I love the style. I could feel everything. Their anguish over accepting their own sexuality is palpable. And their love for each other is so real that I wanted to smack them for not getting with it sooner!

We were on our way to 5 hearts-ville, but the back and forth went on for far too long. I started to lose hope every time they got together because I knew what would happen. There would be a mini-freakout, which lead to broken hearts. I hate to, but I had to drop off a heart for that reason.

There is a bit of a cliffy. And although they've just about made the big time with their band, I'm pretty sure Jamie and Michael are still in for a world of hurt. *clutches poor shattered heart*

But the good news is that there's more! More tension, more of Jamie and more of sweet Michael. 

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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