Review: William (Enemies to Lovers 3) by Anyta Sunday.

William needs to learn to think before he speaks. He accidentally outed his last boyfriend to his bigoted family. Looking to make a new start, he escapes to the most distant place he can think of: New Zealand. There he boards with a substitute mom and her too-hot-to-be-real son, Heath, but Heath and his homophobic friend Rory want William to leave before things “crash and burn,” whatever that means. 
Unfortunately, traveling to the end of the world isn’t far enough for William to lose his runaway mouth.
But is it far enough to lose his loneliness?

The third in the Enemies to Lovers series William is lovely little story. Moving away from the generic setting used in the first two novels, William is firmly based in New Zealand, the author's place of birth. It is a rich setting but, as ever, it is the characters that shine through in the book.

This is not my favourite of Anyta's books, but it was still a fabulous read. William, uprooted from America, struggles to fit into his new life across the ocean. His landlady is overly loving, her son overly distant. Whilst he enjoys his work and his colleagues his home environment is not very easy to fathom. There is a mystery that he feels the need to solve, though god knows sometimes it's best not to poke the fire.

His growing attraction to Heath is hampered by many factors, not the least being his homophobic friend, Rory.William is fighting against the odds to find a chance of happiness. He'd already had his heart broken once (by Karl from St-St-Stuffed) is he about to get it broken again? 

All the trademark Anyta Sunday traits are in this novel - fab characters, great story line and UST to blow the roof off. I literally cannot wait every time I start a new novel of hers because I know I'm going to love it and that, for the time it takes me to read, I'll be in a world that I love, with people I love, hoping for an HEA, safe in the knowledge I'm very likely to get one.

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