Happy Hour Chat: Shane and Trey by Anyta Sunday

Hi there, and welcome to the July Happy Hour Chat here at Boy Meets Boy Reviews! Today, we're in a sitting-around-the-dorm-room-gossiping mood as we chat about Shane and Trey by Anyta Sunday.

This book holds the distinction of having multiple versions, and we unicorns unknowingly read two different editions. You'll spot it in the chat (and it definitely was cause for laughs), but please know that we all enjoyed this book, regardless of the edition. :)

Anyta Sunday will be July's Author of the Month, so keep an eye out for more reviews of her stories and an interview with her later this month!

Sunny: woohoo!
Justin: Is Natrasha new to our group?
Lorix: I miss Jo too.
Audrey: Jo's in Vegas.
Audrey: VEGAS.
Jenni Lea: Natrasha FTW!
Natrasha: what up corns
Lorix: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?
Natrasha: Natrasha is a staple of every group
Here's a quick copy/paste of the blurb for Anyta Sunday's Shane and Trey!
Shane is a little bit screwed. He has just started college and is stuck rooming with that bastard Trey. His sister's boyfriend. His sister's damn fine boyfriend. Uh-oh. This so wasn't going to happen. But try as he might, there's just a little too much to ignore between the two of them...
Lorix: Oh and GKG.
Lorix: Right.
Ann: YAY LORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenni Lea: It better NOT stay in Vegas! We unicorns have NEEDS!
Lorix: T-ruuuue JL!
SRAL: Hello everyone.
Natrasha: (((has anyone else not finished this book?)))
Sunny: Can I just get one thing out of the way?
Ann: bring it
Audrey: What's up?

 So, what does Sunny have to get out of the way? What does the Unicorn Mafia think about Shane and Trey? And where do we actually realize we read two different editions? Check out the chat after the jump to find out!

Thanks for joining us for the chat. Grab some vino and let's play some beer pong because we have quite the college-aged boys discussion for you to check out!

Warning: This chat contains spoilers.

Sunny: I had NO idea what a fish slice was and it totally grossed me out that it was used to flip pancakes.
Justin: lol
Natrasha: I have no idea what a fish slice is D: I hate the name
Jenni Lea: LOL, I think it's a spatula
Sunny: I had to google it...yes, it's a spatula
Breann: I have never heard that term
Lorix: You don't know what a fish slice is?
Natrasha: why is it called that?
Natrasha: why not "food flippy" or something where you know whats up?
Sunny: they used to use them to serve fish
Audrey: I couldn't get a handle on where this story is set.
Breann: Yeah, the setting was weird for me. Where were they anyway?
Jenni Lea: The author is from New Zealand
Lorix: Okay, you know I'd better just get this over with - I'mahugeAnytaSundayfangi​rlIloveeverywordshe'seve​rwrittenthisbookwasamazi​ngtheend
Justin: love it Lorix
Audrey: hahahhaa, Lori, you're awesome.
Breann: Perfect review, Lori!
Audrey: Breann, I have no idea! I couldn't figure it out.
Ann: I knew she couldn't be from Murica, with all the Britishisms
Natrasha: Ooohhh
Natrasha: *sips vodka* of course... *Nod* mhmmm
Jenni Lea: The author purposely wrote it that way. Check out Emma Sea's review on GR. She explains all about it.
Breann: It seemed like US but then they used UK lingo (I think Uk at least)
Sunny: crazy
Audrey: Weird.
Lorix: This was her first book, I loved it, but it is not my favourite of the author's stories, even of this series - keep reading them guys, they get better and better.
Sunny: it's just crazy
Ann: The UK-ish lingo threw me off
Justin: Me too
Sunny: I'm used to it, and it's kind of fun
Breann: me too. It was randomly sprinkled into their conversations and such
Jenni Lea: It was written like that on purpose!
Audrey: Even IF on purpose, it still didn't work for me. >__<
Audrey: Not to know where they were, I mean.
Justin: You think it was written like that on purpose?
Audrey: What'd you all think overall, then?
Sunny: the last 25% was the best part of the story
Breann: *twirls* I loved it! *skips through fields holding hands with Lori*
Lorix: ^^^ fish slice!
Lorix: Funnily enough, the UKish lingo didn't put me off at all!
Natrasha: that's a spatula
Sunny: lol, Natrasha :)
Sunny: that is funny, Lori
Ann: Question - how come she wrote it like that on purpose like?
Breann: ^^YES!
Justin: Was it on purpose?
Sunny: I think I need to read Emma's review
Ann: Man, I gotta go somewhere? Sheesh
Natrasha: YAY
Jenni Lea: Here: from Emma Sea's review: The books are set within Auge's non-place: places of transience that do not hold enough significance to be regarded as "places". This novel is set in a campus dorm and a camping ground, both transitory spaces. The followup, St-st-stuffed, is set in a hotel; another transitory space. The stories could be in any country, any (postmodern or post-postmodern) time. Really any time, because St-st-stuffed is set 21-22 years after this book, and yet they exist in the same exact same universe.
Breann: huh. It still threw me.
SRAL: I didn't finish the book so I'll let the Anyta Sunday rapture commence. I will try to skim during the chat or something.
Justin: Was that on purpose?
Audrey: I'm reading the review.....YET...I find the lack of setting frustrating nonetheless.
Natrasha: Emma totally beta read these, right?! (or am I thinking of another anyta sunday story?)
SRAL: Hi Natrasha!!
Natrasha: Hi Bromeo! I was waiting for you
Ann: Thanks JL!
Jenni Lea: Emma beta read DJ Dangerfield
Justin: I liked DJ Dangerfield!
Ann: my wine is really good - just sayin'
Justin: Mine too...Pinot!
Ann: *high hoof J*
Justin: *cheers*
Ann: *clink*
Sunny: so, back to the story...I think it was too YA for me, even though I do read/enjoy some YA
Lorix: I do have to say, the non-setting setting and the time gap non-gap between the first two stories was a bit irritating for me.
Lorix: Not enough that I didn't love the book but...
Jenni Lea: Since I read the rest of the series before I read this book I didn't find it irritating at all.
Lorix: I didn't think of it as YA, but I love YA so probably wouldn't notice!
Breann: I did notice the YA, but I also love YA so it was a pleasant surprise!
Sunny: They just seemed so YOUNG (is there a way to italicize in here?)
Ann: I actually really liked it when it got going. The first 1/2 was a totally different pace than the 2nd 1/2 to me
Breann: but they were so CUTE!
Sunny: except later on, it got better.
Audrey: I got some YA vibes in the coming out and general hormones running through them.
Sunny: me, too, Ann
Audrey: Have you guys read Rainbow Boys?
Audrey: It REALLY reminded me of that book.
Lorix: No - is it good Audrey?
Breann: no
Ann: I haven't read that one
Sunny: I haven't read that one
Audrey: Especially Jason in Rainbow Boys, who is a HS athlete who discovers his bisexuality.
Audrey: There's a lot of growth in Rainbow Boys. I'd recommend it. :)
Lorix: It's going on my TBR A.
Ann: *adding Rainbow Boys*
Jenni Lea: Funnily enough, I didn't think of it as YA or even NA. Maybe because I love Anyta Sunday so much I don't have a problem with reading YA or NA from her. Liam Davis and the Raven was set in a college also but I didn't even notice.
Lorix: JL - I agree!!
Ann: They were really sweet together and I liked Shane's narration a lot
Lorix: They were young at the start though - just going to college, so what 18ish?
Natrasha: I definitely felt like this story was YA :) but I like YA
Breann: Shane was so awesomely awkward in the beginning. It was great.
Lorix: I loved Shane too and his narration
Audrey: Shane was a great narrator!
Sunny: I thought Shane was a brat
Justin: I liked it, I just didn't LOVE it. But I really wanted to.
Natrasha: Anyone else team Syd?
Sunny: I loved Syd!
Breann: I loved when he shouted that he and Syd were on a date in the restaurant
Audrey: Breann, that was SO cute!
Breann: Aw, Syd
Natrasha: Yes, Syd was my home boy
Sunny: I liked Shane in the last 25%
Ann: I loved Syd too, he needed full hugs
Natrasha: FULL hugs? settle down, Ann
Justin: Syd's story should have been a separate book. To me it didn't belong in this one.
Justin: *ducks*
Sunny: I thought so, too, J. Too many storylines going on here
Breann: He definitely deserves his own story. I would love to know more about Lucas
Audrey: Agreed, Syd's story was much more complex than just keeping it to a side story.
Natrasha: No, I agree. He deserved his own story, J. :)
Ann: I would LOVE to read a Syd story and make Natasha full hug him
Jenni Lea: I LOVED SHANE!!! ♥♥♥
Jenni Lea: SHANE: 'I was speechless. The chair squeaked though, so that was something.'
Breann: EEEEEE! Shane is so adorable.
Jenni Lea: SHANE: 'I blinked some more. Stick to what you're good at, right?'
Ann: Shane really had some great lines
Sunny: it bothered me when Shane kept laughing at Trey...the books, the song, the movie
Justin: Fuckity-fuck!
Lorix: I love great secondary characters in a book, they can really make a story IMO
Ann: Hello J
Justin: My favorite phrase from the book: Fuckity-fuck!
Jenni Lea: MORE: 'He sniggered. "Crude." "Well, I ain't no prude." given the opportunity like that, how could I not rhyme?'
Breann: I also really loved Trey. I liked how he kind of pushed himself into Shane's life
Sunny: It really bothered me that Trey was being flirty/possessive with Shane when he was still with June
Audrey: Did you guys think it was cheating-ish when he did that?
Breann: June was awesome, too!
Natrasha: I found it kinda cheaty
Sunny: no, but it was inappropriate to say the least, especially with her brother!
Breann: If my brother did that I would not be that civil about it
Lorix: June was awesome.
Ann: That was my only real prob with the story and that's all me - it was cheaterish and nothankyouverymuch
Audrey: To me, it seemed like it was on the spectrum, but didn't cross the line into cheating.
Breann: Eh, they're, what, 18? Not that it makes it okay, but they're still figuring stuff out
Audrey: Yeah, I totally get that, Ann. I'm usually a hard line NO on cheating stories.
Lorix: The cheating not cheating thing. Tricky, but they were in love and they didn't let it actually go there. I mean you can't help your feelings, acting on them is something diifferent...no?
Sunny: I think because he had started to pull away from her, and wasn't totally faking it with June
Ann: Agreed Audrey and technically it wasn't - but still gives me the sad squinchies
Sunny: me, too, Ann
Jenni Lea: What I liked most about the book was how everyone seemed so incredibly real. No one was perfect and everyone had their problems and made mistakes and just acted, well... real.
Lorix: I think it was obvious how much Shane loved his sister and didn't want to hurt her.
Ann: Totally true JL!
Lorix: JL - don't you find that with all her books?
Breann: June was understanding but not all forgiving. Like JL said, real
Natrasha: yes
Sunny: Agree about the characters seeming real, but it didn't stop me from wanting to bang some heads >:(
Justin: So was there a 3 yr vs 6 month difference between the book versions?
Sunny: yes, the 6 month version made a lot more sense
Ann: Mine was 6 months so much easier to handle than three years would have been. I wouldn't have been able to deal if Trey and June were together for 3 years
Justin: I agree the 6 months does make more sense.
Natrasha: I think when I was her age around 18-19 whatever after dating a dude for 6 months... she kind of lost her shit when Shane told her about him and Trey and I was kind of like "Hmmmm?" because she reacted like it was a life-changing thing for her. It was 6 months, sweetie. :\
Ann: No reason to be cruel to noodles
Sunny: I thought the same thing, Natasha, then wondered if I was being mean, lol...
Natrasha: yes
Natrasha: the noodle part bothered me most because I love noodles
Ann: Sing it Natasha!
Audrey: That noodles part made more sense when they were together 3 years (in the version I read, it was 3).
Natrasha: No Sunny! Like, I was irrational at 18-19, but not that nutso over some dude. I'd be all, "YOUR LOSS, DUDE!" and storm off and make mean facebook posts about him
Breann: The 3 years made sense to me
Breann: given her reaction
Sunny: no way, because they would have been dating when Trey gave Shane the wedgie
Audrey: That's what I thought had happened - that they already WERE dating.
Breann: Can we talk about their first kiss?!?
Breann: THE KISSES!!!!!!!
Sunny: Breann, the kisses were great!
Jenni Lea: Lets talk more about their KISSES!
Breann: Yes, JL!!
Lorix: kisses kisses kisses kisses
Breann: OMG, their first kiss after the dorm party? *melts*
Audrey: The dorm party was SO much fun! I thought it was so sweet.
Breann: “Show me how much you like me. Kiss me back, Trey.”
Natrasha: wait
Natrasha: when in the book was the dorm party?
Jenni Lea: Why do y'all keep saying Trey? We read about TROY, remember???? TROY
Sunny: okay, that was sweet, Breann :)
Ann: The interactions between the two - were damn good. Damn good.
Sunny: lmao!!! Sorry, JL!
Breann: and the toe licking/sucking?
Justin: So how did Trey get himself and all of his camping gear to the camping spot when he didn't drive and no one knew where he was? The big misunderstanding was hard to swallow for me.
Ann: Wait, what camping?
Ann: ewwww - toes
Breann: I never thought I would be so turned on by toe licking. But I was.
Lorix: They were just so damn sweet together and the UST hmmmm hmmmm hmmm
Audrey: I might have blanked that part out b/c um...toe sucking???
Justin: When Trey disappeared, B
Breann: I could eat. it. up.
Sunny: okay, that wasn't in my version
Audrey: When Trey disappeared at the end.
Sunny: actually, the dorm party wasn't either
Breann: what???
Natrasha: TOE LICKING??
Sunny: nope
Ann: I'm so fucking confused and it's not wine this time
Justin: What?
Audrey: hahhahhahaha
Sunny: There was toe licking
Breann: uh oh. did we all read completely different books?
Audrey: I'm laughing b/c I think we all read different versions.
Natrasha: Natrasha is mortified!!!
Audrey: And Natasha could SERIOUSLY just say "hey, loved that clown orgy at 87%!" and we might actually believe her.
Ann: My version had toe licking, yet no dorm party or camping and 6 months
Breann: LORI! That is the problem! They didn't read the one we did *nods*
Breann: No party where they went from room to room... in one room they had to answer questions truthfully...
Ann: NO CLOWNS OR TOE LICKING thankyouverymuch
Breann: ring any bells?
Justin: I had the toe licking and dorm party. I also had Trey disappearing for several days when he saw Shane and Syd kissing.
Lorix: Okay - I read version three and they ate chips not crisps.
Ann: none here
Natrasha: Oh Ann, you'd love some clown toe sucking, wouldn't you? Dirty girl
Ann: oh fuck me
Breann: Oh, no they had crisps in my book (another thing that threw me off)
Lorix: Just refreshing my memory because I've read a lot of Anyta Sunday books this last month!
Sunny: no dorm party, and in our version, Shane caught up to Trey right away after the kissing Syd thing
Jenni Lea: I read the 3rd edition, which was cleaned up quite a bit from the first version. In my version there was no dorm party and no camping. When TROY disappeared Shane found him almost immediately in their hotel room across from the hospital.
Ann: When Trey disappeared in my version he only went back to the hotel room or something - not a big deal
Ann: hehehe - no clowns though
Ann: or toes
Breann: I read the same one as J
Natrasha: What?!
Justin: Well fuck me running
Sunny: I would have been very irritated by the disappearing for days thing
Breann: I liked the toe part!
Ann: I read the 3rd then
Ann: and sideways J!
Sunny: We need separate chats :D
Natrasha: I can be a sexy clown
Ann: No such thing Natasha
Natrasha: I don't know what version I read. The new one, I'm assuming
Natrasha: sans party and toe suckage
Justin: Runs to B's corner
Audrey: I read J and B's version.
Audrey: And also....HOLY SHITBALLS. This is so funny I'm giggling.
Justin: with Audrey
Natrasha: I read Sunny's
Ann: I'm pretty sure I'm in with JL and Natasha
Breann: *hands out cookies*
Ann: and no clowns
Lorix: Ok so how about we just stick with - this book is the dogs bollocks. Read it. ??
Natrasha: Lots of shit happened in different versions
Ann: hands out cocktails
Natrasha: my version had a clown, ann
Breann: Well, we have cookies over here with the toe sucking
Lorix: Natasha - BEHAVE!
Ann: no longer in Natasha's corner
Natrasha: this IS me behaving!
Ann: takes away her cocktail
Ann: Don't make me get the chair/barstool Natasha!
Natrasha: you wouldn't DARE
Justin: Ditto Sunny
Sunny: next time, we'll have to make sure we all read the same version of a book
SRAL: I read that clown version!
Breann: This is kind of funny though
Sunny: lol...SRAL!
SRAL: And read a few pirates lurking around.
Sunny: omg...it kind of is, I can't stop laughing
SRAL: They had a fuck sandwich
Natrasha: me and my Bromeo SRAL read and loved the clown version. hot. so hot.
Breann: me neither
Ann: ooooh - I'm totally ok with pirates
SRAL: it was great
Natrasha: clown/pirate book?! LE GASP
Justin: Squirrel
SRAL: The clown version fucking rocked!
Jenni Lea: Wait, my version had toe sucking in it.
Natrasha: best version ever! i loved the peg leg on the one clown. so sexy.
Lorix: Yep J, squirrel
Ann: Can we have a cowboy barbarian wearing a kilt?
SRAL: There was jizz face painting, nose honking
Audrey: Peg leg clown....damn, he's a multi-tasker!
Natrasha: on the clown pirate boat, maybe
Sunny: OMG! STOP!!!
Breann: lmaooooo
SRAL: big red shoes pounding...
Sunny: lol...
Ann: *kicks clowns peg leg out from under him*
SRAL: rainbow wig tossing
Justin: Fuckity-fuck!
Natrasha: Oh I love it when you honk like that!
Breann: Did your version have the german phrase Trey told Shane to ask his 'date' about?
Natrasha: hahahaha! ^
Ann: Mine had that B!
Breann: That made me grin
Breann: The whole book made me grin!
Ann: See?? I'm paying attention
Justin: Mine had that B
Sunny: yes, and that was funny, Breann
Audrey: I liked that part!
Natrasha: mine had honking
Lorix: okay, so as I said this was the first book by this author (I think) and it makes sense that as she wrote more and became a better writer that she would want to tidy up the first book. No?
Breann: Hey! We were getting back on track Natasha!
Natrasha: *is shameless*
Justin: *shakes stick at Natrasha*
Natrasha: you all love me, don't pretend
Natrasha: and I agree about her wanting to fix the issues you realized from the early versions. it only makes sense!
Jenni Lea: I'm glad I read the newer version because there was no Big Misunderstanding in it. I HATE Big Misunderstandings!
Lorix: I hate big misunderstandings too JL.
Breann: Yes, the misunderstanding was annoying
Sunny: I hate Big Misunderstandings, too
Ann: Me too JL
Justin: Me too and that was a big issue for me in this book.
Natrasha: I like big misunderstandings *hide*
Audrey: This is kinda interesting. Part of me actually thinks the Big Misunderstanding HELPED the book. I don't think I would've bought into it quite as much if he'd have found Trey right away.
Ann: They didn't really find each other right away in version 3, it took quite a while, so it was believable
Lorix: I'm glad I read the version I did
Audrey: I guess there was toe licking in my version that I still somehow missed? :)
Jenni Lea: Another quote: 'And just like that, our little fight? Misunderstanding? was over'
Ann: I loved that JL - perfect. More books should do that!
Sunny: They still didn't do a good job communicating during the first half of the book
Ann: I got totally into the 2nd 1/2 and will definitely read the next one
Justin: Me too. St-st-stuffed
Lorix: No, number 4 is my favourite.
Justin: What version are yall reading? LMAO
Sunny: lol, J!
Jenni Lea: Nope, Number two with Charlie. shi-sha! shi-sha!
Lorix: But the best AS book - Lenny for Your Thoughts. sigh.
Natrasha: I need to read more Anyta Sunday. She reminds me of Eli Easton who I also love.
Lorix: YES!! Natasha
Natrasha: That's quality YA right there.
Audrey: Let's wrap it up since we kind of went off-kilter here.... :)
Jenni Lea: Anyta Sunday has fast become one of my most favorite authors.
Lorix: Her and Eli Easton are so similar, but also different. UST Queens!!
Ann: yummy
Justin: SUPERHERO!!!!!!!!!!
Lorix: Mine too JL, mine too!!
Breann: I kinda like Hugh Jackman
SRAL: Did you see that manga post last night?
Natrasha: nooooo @ L
Lorix: Huh, what??? I'm lost!
SRAL: Superman pounding the ever living fuck out of BATMAN?!
Ann: I like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine :)
Breann: mmmmm... it's the only superhero franchise I watch for just that reason
Natrasha: !!!!
Natrasha: pR0n?
Jenni Lea: SQUIRREL!
Audrey: HEY GUYS – Favorite quotes, ratings, and/or last thoughts onr Shane and Trey??
Breann: 4.5 stars
Sunny: 3.5 stars from me
SRAL: More Clowns and Pirates
Jenni Lea: 4.5 stars for me!
SRAL: No Rating...It's been shelved at will come back later. i'm not in the YA mood
Lorix: Favourite quote: But he was so wrong. I was deeply ashamed. Because I didn't just lust after Trey's body, I lusted after knowing him.
Justin: 3.5 for me. But w/o the BIG misunderstanding it would have been 4.5
Ann: 4 stars for me
Lorix: 4.5 for me too.
Natrasha: 4 stars. It was very sweet and well written. Written very age-appropriately, because I remember speaking and thinking like that at a young age. It was loveable and heartwarming, yet so exciting and embarrassing, which I love.
Lorix: Love it Natasha. exactly.
Audrey: I really liked it and would give it 4 stars.
Breann: Another quote: “I love you, Trey.” […] “I know.” “You do?” His lips met mine. “How could I not? You show me all the time.”
Lorix: Le sigh B, le sigh.
Ann: D'awwwwww B
Natrasha: Also I want to give a shout out to Anyta Sunday for being a totally awesome, sweet, approachable person, who writes amazing things that I aspire to. :) I adore her.
Lorix: I adore her as well N/pots. She is lovely!
Justin: Shane: “That’s life. Some people are only around for just a little bit and others longer. It comes down to attitude and acceptance of those changes if you want to continue to grow together—shit I think that sounded like something my mom would say."
Audrey: It was so cute when he called Trey a "male minx." :)
Ann: Trey was quite saucy - me likey
Sunny: see, I thought that was weird
Breann: I might have to reread this one day
Breann: too many sweet, swoony moments
Lorix: Read them all Breann, read them all!
Justin: Anyta Sunday is an awesome author, Lorix!
Natrasha: You're the biggest AS fan ever, Lor! :)
Jenni Lea: Quote: "Oh this was so much fuck, fuck, fuckity-fucked up"
Natrasha: Lori, very often I want to call you Lori-O cookie
Ann: I will totally be reading a lot more of her words
Lorix: She is J and I am N!!!!
Jenni Lea: Can I just say how awesome Anyta Sunday is to see my plight about reading this book and ALTERING her story just so I can read it? She is an amazing woman!
SRAL: Anyta Sunday = awesome. Agreed.
Ann: Agreed JL

Anyta Sunday was awesome enough to provide JL with a copy of the book that had the name "Trey" changed to "Troy." Why? Because JL understandably had zero interest in reading about a MC who shared a name with her son! :)

Thanks for joining us for this month's chat and be on the lookout for more Anyta Sunday reviews throughout July and a visit from the author herself!

Note: This chat has been edited for length and clarity.

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