Happy Hour Chat: Naked Tails by Eden Winters

Hello, and welcome to June's Happy Hour Chat here on Boy Meets Boy Reviews! Today we're dishing up some moonshine and sweet tea while we discuss Naked Tails by Eden Winters.

Eden Winters is BMBR's June Author of the Month, so keep an eye out for more reviews on her stories, as well as an interview and giveaway later this month!

Ed. Note: The chat was held on the day Ann's beloved L.A. Kings lost Game 6 of the Western Conference match up. The Kings went on to win Game 7, and they are now competing for professional hockey's biggest honor, the Stanley Cup. We're pleased to report that Ann is no longer SUPER pissed. ;)

Warning: This chat contains spoilers.

Sunny: okay, are we doing this book chat now?
Sunny: *snaps whip*
Lorix: Yes sir.
SRAL: Okay ready!! I just finished my review. Cutting it close
Quick copy/paste of the "Naked Tails" blurb to know what's going on: Seth McDaniel wasn’t raised among a shifter passel and has no idea what it’s like to turn furry once a month. An orphan, torn from his father’s family at an early age, he scarcely remembers Great-aunt Irene. Now her passing brings him back to Possum Kingdom, Georgia, to take up a legacy he doesn’t understand and reconnect with a friend he’s never forgotten.
As Irene’s second-in-command, Dustin Livingston has two choices: assume control of the passel or select another replacement. Unfortunately, the other candidates are either heartless or clueless. Dustin’s best hope to dodge the responsibility is to deliver a crash course in leadership to his childhood pal Seth, a man he hasn’t seen in twenty years. However, while Dustin's mind is set on his task, his heart is set on his old friend.
Seth’s quest for answers yields more questions instead. What’s with the tiny gray hairs littering his aunt’s house? Why do the townsfolk call each other “Jack” and “Jill”? Do Dustin’s attentions come with ulterior motives? And why is Seth suddenly craving crickets?
Jenni Lea: LOL, I never write a review for the book chat books. :D
Lorix: I've not reviewed it but only finished reading it last night!
Jenni Lea: POSSUMS!
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Passel of possums :D
Breann: I thought it was so super cute
Sunny: I think they were much cuter in this story than in real life
Audrey: Weird shifters are great. :)
Lorix: Makes me think of Dame Edna Everage. Possums.
SRAL: I have a confession.

Wanna know more about SRAL's confession? Or what we thought of opossum shifters in the South? Then check out the Happy Hour Chat after the jump!

Thanks for joining us for June's Happy Hour Chat! Grab some whiskey, sweet tea, moonshine, and crickets (your choice!) and check out what we thought about Eden Winters's Naked Tails.

Lorix: go on SRAL
Audrey: Oooh...share.
SRAL: Last month...I ran over a possum.
SRAL: I felt so horrible.
Lorix: SRAL!
Audrey: =O
Jenni Lea: GASP! Oh noes!
Justin: I've confirmed yet again, shifters are just not my thing.
Sunny: oh, no...that is so sad
Sunny: both to SRAL and to J
Justin: In this group, YES!
Jo: SRAL. your gif was awesome I liked it better than the book, in fact had better feelings about book when I saw it. possum was so adorable
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Poor Possum, think of his poor little fatherless shifter child
Sunny: Ann! Stop it!
Lorix: PMSL Ann
SRAL: Right after we chose this book.
Ann who is SUPER pissed: That's quite a harbinger of things to come isn't it?
Jenni Lea: LMAO Ann!
Sunny: Lori! Don't encourage her!
Breann: Well... it's better than swerving....
Ann who is SUPER pissed: >:)
SRAL: Not on purpose. LOL
Sunny: lmao!!!
SRAL: I had to run him over or hit a car
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Yeah, you probably shouldn't swerve INTO them.
Breann: see?
Jo: SRAL... Nooooo it starts with possums
Jenni Lea: That's OK, SRAL. I'm known around these parts as "Squirrel Killer"
SRAL: It was sandwiched in between two cars. I'm a possum assassin so my best bud's BF dubbed me.
Lorix: She was getting herself into the mindset to understand Seth's agony.
Sunny: omg, Lori
Audrey: Seriously, Seth's agony. That was some sad and depressing stuff. :(
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Poor Seth and his poor mama @____@ into the headlights
Sunny: I HATED that his Grandma took him away :(
Ann who is SUPER pissed: His Grandma was a bitch!
Lorix: His Grandma was nasty.
Jenni Lea: I HATED his grandma!
Audrey: Awful grandma!
Breann: I do try not to hate Grandma's but I really did not like that woman
Lorix: Though, if we're analysing and stuff, I could see why she did it.
Ann who is SUPER pissed: hahaha - Breann!
SRAL: I hated the grandma
Justin: grandma was jealous because she wasn't getting the possum peen!
Jenni Lea: I was so sad for Seth. He lived his whole life virtually alone because of his bitch of a grandma
Audrey: The manipulation, too, was just so sad. Poor Seth, thinking he was all alone and nobody wanted him. :(
Ann who is SUPER pissed: ewww - possum peen
Sunny: I never thought about it that way, J
Breann: ewww! possum peen!
Jo: I have a confession unless the writing is really good I always start off in a bad place when there is a long separation between the two mc. I always think of it as time lost/stolen from them as a couple so maybe that is why this book was mehhh for me
Sunny: Jo, I hate long separations in stories
Breann: I love second chance romance
Sunny: they are just too sad
Jo: Yes that is how I felt reading. Thanks Sunny
SRAL: I was sad for Seth too.
Sunny: I'm with Jo, I keep thinking about all the lost time
Lorix: I didn't get why they'd told the grandma anyway. I mean they're keeping this a secret, they could just avoid seeing her at the full moon - right?
Lorix: And her daughter had only just been turned so...
Sunny: good point, Lori
Audrey: I never thought of that, but yeah...that totally makes sense, Lori.
Ann who is SUPER pissed: True Lori, very true. Would have made for a pretty short story then though
Justin: Short would have been better for me
Lorix: I know - but plot manipulation! Yuck.
Jenni Lea: She demanded to see her daughter's body when she died so that is why the grandma knew
SRAL: I thought of the Grandma as, "he's my child's only child. he wouldn't be an orphan if my daughter never got mixed up with possums anyway. I'm going to protect him"
Sunny: That's true, SRAL, but she didn't even care about him, just treated him like a possession or something
SRAL: I hated his grandma but her actions didn't surprise me.
Audrey: Do you think they still would've ended up together if they'd stayed BFFs all throughout those years?
Ann who is SUPER pissed: They probably would have grown apart at some point and then come back together
Lorix: Oooh yes - then it would have been proper friends - to - lovers. My fave ever storyline!
Jo: Yes lOri... LOve those too...
Sunny: Yes, Audrey, and it would have been so sweet :)
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Ok - I'm sorry, but I am laughing my ass off right now about the G'ma seeing her daughters possum body
Sunny: lmao...Ann, you are demented!
Breann: LMAO!
Sunny: but now I'm laughing
Lorix: Yeah - but would you have believed the possum was your daughter?????
Breann: me too
Lorix: bit of the book that really fell down for me.
Jenni Lea: No and that is why they had to tell her about themselves. And probably show her to prove it.
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Then there's L rolling down the road in her Benz with possum guts greasing her wheels
Sunny: Know what I loved? The Johnson boys! That photo shoot was the BEST
Sunny: ANN!!! STOP IT!
Lorix: Gotta grease the wheels somehow, right
SRAL: I didn't splatter him. I was driving slow for once. :-O The car behind me however...
Jenni Lea: gross!
Audrey: hahahhaa
Lorix: The Johnson boys need their own story....when they've grown up.
Jo: Photo shoot was really fun and freaking ann has me needing to pee i am laughing so hard
Audrey: The Johnson boys were so sweet. The photo shoot reminded me of something from Alvin and the Chipmunks or something.
Justin: Johnson brothers, brotherly love....now that's a book I'd read. ;)
SRAL: Brocest?
Ann who is SUPER pissed: J wants to see possum peen brocest
Jo: Justin... where is that shelf in your library j
Justin: Triplet brocest!
Audrey: I mean, there's twincest, but is there tricest?
Breann: brocest in shifter form!
Jenni Lea: The part where Seth finally finds out about the shifters and he cried was so heart wrenching to me.
Sunny: That was sad, JL
Audrey: JL, that was sad. I really felt so sad for him when he found out about his grandma's keeping him isolated from all of it.
Breann: not only possum peen but possum tails....
SRAL: I don't think I've read tricest...hmm...
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Agreed Sunny and JL
Lorix: JL - you liked this book, huh?
Jenni Lea: I did like this book Lori but then again I'm partial to shifter books as a whole
Sunny: I also like when Seth played dead in the cemetery...that cracked me up
Sunny: And played on the jungle gym...
Jo: fucking Sunny that was funny as hell
SRAL: I enjoyed this book.
Ann who is SUPER pissed: I loved the jungle gym part!
Audrey: That was hilarious!
SRAL: I sympathized with both MC especially Seth
Sunny: I need to think about the happy stuff because the rest was too sad
SRAL: Jungle gym part was cute
SRAL: Eden Winters rocked the possum likeness in this story.
Jenni Lea: I loved the jungle gym! And every time he would see a dog or a car would pass on the street he would freeze up
Justin: I think the writing was superb. The details were fantastic but I just can't get into shifter stories. I don't connect at all so I didn't feel any emotions. :(
Lorix: See, hard hearted bitch I am....I didn't feel sad at all.... :(
Lorix: Even when I was meant to....
Sunny: Lori! lol...you are so not a hard hearted bitch!
Jo: I found the book ok and I read it last week and have forgotten a lot sooooo
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Who else loved that Dustin was a ginger with slightly tweaked front teeth. I bet he's adorbz
Lorix: Yes, I loved Justin - wanted photos of him for sure!!
Sunny: Not even anger at Monica, J?
Breann: I liked Monica!
SRAL: Fuck that bitch.
Jo: oooohh I hated monica but she seemed a little stock character-y
Sunny: Breann!
Justin: Monica redeemed herself by the end. Esp. as a mom!
Sunny: UGH, I HATED her
SRAL: I want to chin check her. Just once.
Lorix: I liked Monica.
Sunny: barely redeemed herself...
Breann: What? She was a bitch. I liked that about her
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Monica made me feel worse for Seth, poor possum dude didn't have a clue.
Audrey: Monica was a bitch and a half!
Breann: She was a bitch I can like
Breann: Grandma is not a bitch I can like
Lorix: I thought she was cool when she was possum -y - fying Seth.
Sunny: She was over the top bitchy and I wanted to stomp on her
Jenni Lea: I liked Monica by the end
Audrey: She was just SO judgmental and bitchy and MEAN.
Jo: I think reading over everything I will just mee tooo sunny because we seem to be replicating opinions
SRAL: There's bitchy without being conscious of it and then there's Monica.
Justin: If it wasn't for Monica, Seth would have been ROADKILL!
Audrey: For me, she didn't redeem herself and her actions later in the book were totally out of character.
SRAL: she didn't have to be so extreme in the beginning. Yes she made up for it in the end but I didn't like how she acted in the beginning
Sunny: Agree, Audrey
Lorix: Just realised I called him Justin - I meant Dustin!!
Jo: Lori i was wondering how i missed that one of the characters was named after the stallion
Ann who is SUPER pissed: I wished she would have been a little toned down at the beginning, them I would have liked her
SRAL: Yeah
Audrey: Ditto, Ann. It just seemed like too much of a 180 to be genuine/believable.
SRAL: If she was not purposely being a bitch to him, she'd have been alright.
Jo: If you're going to be a bitch be a bitch like cordelia before she moved over to Angel
Jo: I loved Cordy
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Exactly. I liked when she and Seth started bonding, but I had a lot of hate built up at that point
SRAL: She was extreme. And I am usually down for bitches with a heart of gold but Monica...sigh
Lorix: Could've had a little 'she was in love with Dusty' storyline going on.
Justin: Lori, back to plot manipulation.... What about the whole scene with Michael?
Sunny: Michael?
SRAL: I liked that Pickens old lady.
Ann who is SUPER pissed: the fox dude
Justin: The Ex
Audrey: Seth's ex...which scene? heh :)
Sunny: oh, yeah...
Lorix: The ex - what when he did a 180 and was happily then paired off with Junior??
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Wait, confused. what was the fox dudes name?
Lorix: Andy, I think
Sunny: Michael wasn't a shifter, Ann
Justin: “All your life, you’ve let others tell you what to do—me, your overbearing grandmother, and you accepted whatever we dished out. Stop doing that. You’re too nice a guy to let others run your life. Trust yourself to make decisions and stand by them. If someone else doesn’t like it, too bad. Do what’s right for Seth."
Jenni Lea: Uncle Junior!
SRAL: It was a little too easy
Jo: That is what I thought also L. I didn't buy it
Jenni Lea: You gotta love a book that has an Uncle Junior in it
SRAL: Uncle Junior made my skin crawl
Ann who is SUPER pissed: He was kind of a pig :D
Audrey: Junior was creepy. I was afraid for Seth when Junior visited the house.
Lorix: Uncle Junior was CREEPY!
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Uncle Junior would be a greasy possum
Audrey: He seemed like he was ready to force himself on Seth. :/
SRAL: All the loose ends were neatly tied...too neatly.
Jenni Lea: But his name is UNCLE JUNIOR, people!
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Well, we can love to hate him. How about that?
Lorix: Apart from trying it on once and then sending all those gifts he wasn't really much of a threat to the story. It felt like plot manipulation to me. Sorry.
Sunny: Agree with SRAL, the loose ends were tied up too neatly
Jo: Mee too sunny.
Justin: I will say all the talk of Bar-B-Que and ribs made me crave ribs so I ate ribs twice this past week. :)
Lorix: PMSL J
SRAL: I wonder if that's what Michael calls out in bed while getting pounded in his guts?
Jenni Lea: LOL!
Jo: heee SRAL
Audrey: hahahhaahha, J & SRAL!
Ann who is SUPER pissed: hahahaha SRAL!
Breann: It's shifter fluffliness so, for me, it was supposed to be tied up neatly in the end
Ann who is SUPER pissed: possums are simple folk, they need neat ends
Lorix: SRAL!!! Uncle Junior...Uncle Junior...UNCLE JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!
Audrey: I kind of want to visit the South now...the sweet tea and sitting out on a porch, etc. Sounds mighty fine to this Yankee. ;)
Jo: ohhh Tennessee has great bbq
SRAL: I craved tuna fish sandwiches after reading the tentacle book - had it three days straight
Ann who is SUPER pissed: I had calamari ;)
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Now I want BBQ though
Jenni Lea: I'm actually drinking a giant glass of sweet tea right now.
SRAL: Michael: "Breed me, hot daddy, Ugh, UNCLE JUNIOR! POUND ME GOOD!"
Ann who is SUPER pissed: yummmm
Audrey: *eyes JL's sweet tea*
Sunny: We might be going to Kansas City for a work thing...I heard they had good BBQ
Jo: Yes they do Sunny send me a pic
Audrey: I've heard a place called Gates is really good. in KC, I mean.
Justin: There was a bit of humor.....I am the crickinator! But all of the talk of eating bugs grossed me out!!
Lorix: GROSSED out -J, I agree. YUCK - wiping cricket legs off his lips...
Jenni Lea: This was so my type of book. :)
Sunny: I liked the waddling possums that had human thoughts
Audrey: Agreed, Sunny. The possums with human thoughts were the best part.
Ann who is SUPER pissed: That was pretty cute Sunny
Lorix: I liked it too JL, I'm sounding super bitchy about it and I don't mean too. I didn't love it, on inspection it kinda falls down a bit, but as a lite-fluffy read it works and was enjoyable.
Sunny: The characters were way better than the plot, imo
Ann who is SUPER pissed: That's a perfect explanation Sunny
Lorix: can't stand anything eating insects - or insects in general, I'm such a girl, so that did make my stomach turn.
Sunny: I laughed at the insect legs
Lorix: I liked your character v plot explanation Sunny.
Audrey: Yes, agreed! Characters were more fun...the plot just sort of plodded along for me.
Sunny: lol...the cricket legs on his lips was a nice detail
SRAL: that was cute
Ann who is SUPER pissed: bugs are good for you, lots of protein. Like unicorn cum
Sunny: I could totally picture it, great visual
Audrey: hahahhahahhaa
SRAL: Unicorn cum!
Breann: I laughed at the cricket stuff, too. I thought it was kinda cute
Audrey: You know, that would make a really nifty visual.
Audrey: Like...eating lightning bugs. And having glowing lips?
Ann who is SUPER pissed: hehehe - I like that
Sunny: *thinks about glow in the dark lips*
Jenni Lea: LOL!
Ann who is SUPER pissed: on dicks
Lorix: Lightening bugs - fireflies??
SRAL: yep
Sunny: yes, Lori :)
Lorix: Like that Glow vid - that was waaaaay coooool.
Ann who is SUPER pissed: YES!
Jenni Lea: what glow vid????
Ann who is SUPER pissed: I'm pretty sure it was an Andrew Christian vid
Justin: Also, CONDOMS!! In a shifter book? WTAF?
Sunny: I thought that was weird, too, Justin
Ann who is SUPER pissed: possum cooties
Audrey: I was really surprised by the condoms, too!
Jo: Yeah i thought shifters don't catch stuff
Lorix: He didn't want to get Seth pregnant and have shifter babies until they were properly committed J.
Audrey: hahahhahahahaa
Jenni Lea: I recently read another shifter book that had condoms in it too. WTF??
Lorix: To each other, not the asylum.
Sunny: lol, Lori!
Jo: ohh that is right mpreg is popular in shifter
Justin: Hahahaha, Lori!
Sunny: you are on a roll tonight!
Ann who is SUPER pissed: possum passel asylum, you're on a roll tonight Lori!
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Jinx!
SRAL: Like that tentacle book on J's shelf with mpreg
Justin: behave, SRAL!!
Sunny: I'll have whatever Lori is drinking, please :D
Lorix: Yeah - I'm a morning kinda gal.
Jenni Lea: Oh Em Gee. If this had been MPREG I would have given it 5 stars
SRAL: You see how I slid it in
Lorix: That would be decaf coffee. :(
Sunny: I'm imagining Mimosas, Lori
Jo: wait what he has an mpreg book with animals?
SRAL: Slid it in with crisco
Lorix: Slid in nicely L. Kudos.
Audrey: Stir it around a little, too.
Justin: Rod wax
Ann who is SUPER pissed: I was waiting for the crisco
Jo: JL i love mpreg books so me too
SRAL: Tentacles: Bred By The Alien (Gay Monster Erotica, MM, MPREG)
Audrey: It's the freebie one on ARe!
Sunny: favorite crisco quote..."grease the crease" Thank you Mr. Sketchman
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Annnnnnnd, we've come full circle :D
Jenni Lea: Rod Wax FTW!
Lorix: So - if shifters had pregancy and gave birth in shifted form, wouldn't that be SSSOOO much easier??
Sunny: I like how you think, Lori
Jenni Lea: Yes, but not as fun
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Especially when they are whelping a passel
Sunny: notice how everyone paused to think about that?
Breann: had their babies while in animal form you mean?
Justin: Quotes?
Lorix: I don't have any quotes J.
Sunny: favorite quote: "Hey, sometimes I like a little spanky, but during, not after."
Sunny: lol...
Audrey: I'm a 12 year old boy and giggled at this one: "Ummmm...," he moaned. "Cock. My favorite meal."
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Good one, I highlighted that one too
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Both of those!
Justin: I have one: Seth poked the possum and snickered, thinking how much that sounded like “choking the chicken.”
SRAL: "A wise woman once told me that you don't have to be perfect to lead; it's more about your heart than your head, and caring for your people. And you don't have to be smart, just smart enough to know where you're lacking, and surround yourself with folks who'll take up the slack."
Lorix: If I write a shifter book, they are absolutely going to be preggers and give birth in shifter form.
Breann: what about a hospital??? or an epidural???? *panics*
Sunny: J! lol...that was a good one :)
Ann who is SUPER pissed: It's ok Breann, just shift right before and you'll be fine.
Audrey: hahahahhaa, the magic shift!
Sunny: I like your quote, too, SRAL
Breann: oh okay. I'll try that then.
Audrey: Some of the phrases just made me smile.
Audrey: "Dustin!" he squeaked, waddling as fast as his nonaerodynamic body allowed.
SRAL: yeah that was a good one
Sunny: I loved that, Audrey!
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Oh Audrey - I loved that!
Breann: Me too, I didn't really highlight quotes because the whole scene would make me smile
Lorix: okay - don't know how to insert an image!
Jo: Lori I would read it too
SRAL: I drink cock soup.
Jo: ewww SRAL.
Lorix: We know SRAL - ;)
SRAL: I've have had it many times in my household
SRAL: no no serious, it's a real thing
Ann who is SUPER pissed: I'd love to see your house at Thanksgiving SRAL
SRAL: My family's Jamaican
Jo: That is what makes it funnier SRAL
Sunny: the photo shoot was the best, though..."In a decided diva moment, one shoved the others out of the way, fighting its way to the center of Seth's camera lens."
Justin: Cock soup! My version is much creamier.....
Lorix: and salty right.
Audrey: hehehehehehe *nudges J*
Sunny: lmao, J! and LORI!
Lorix: I liked that quote too Sunny.
Breann: Ew!
SRAL: It's fucking delicious. Cock soup, not J's cock soup. I have not had J's cock soup
Jenni Lea: Lori is on fire tonight!
Sunny: I love you, SRAL :D
Lorix: I nearly spat coffee all over my computer SRAL!!
Justin: Lori, what have they done to you while I've been away?
Lorix: Turned this poor, sweet, innocent gal into.....----....a UNICORN!
SRAL: SKETCHMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin: I LIKE IT!
Jenni Lea: When the Stallion's away...
Justin: lol, SRAL
SRAL: Seriously, dude he's an ass connoisseur
Justin: Lori's been bitten by a unicorn!
Audrey: (SQUIRREL - let's wrap this up??)
SRAL: Baby likes.
Audrey: Overall impressions, ratings? Loves, hates, wanna see mores? :)
SRAL: ok
Sunny: I liked it...it was cute and made me smile, even with the silly plot that also made me sad and mad
Justin: *salutes*
Lorix: The book. I agree with Sunny - I liked the characters, the plot was okay.
Breann: I liked it and would totally read a book 2 if there was one
Jenni Lea: OK, I really liked this story. It was equal parts funny, sad and heartwarming.
Lorix: Lol - j!
Justin: It wasn't bad, I just didn't care if I finished it or not.
SRAL: Loved Seth, the weird shifter qualities humanized, the Johnson triplets.
Ann who is SUPER pissed: I loved the characters and the setting a lot
Audrey: I'm with Sunny on this one.
Jo: I don't regret paying money for it but won't read it again
SRAL: I would read book 2 too
SRAL: if there was one
Jenni Lea: Me too.
Breann: especially with brocest and shifter sexitimes
SRAL: Mmm...yeah. brocest.
Justin: Book 2, Brocest with triplets?
Audrey: Book 2 with tricest might be pretty amazing. o_O
Lorix: Only if they're both shifted B. Actually that's still EWW
SRAL: I'd rather have brocest over twincest. So if the triplet aren't identical, I'm down.
Breann: I'm just thinking of all they could do with those tails...
SRAL: Oh yeah!
Justin: ACK, B!!!
Audrey: Their NAKED tails. *waggles eyebrows*
Sunny: omg Breann!
SRAL: *pervy fist bumps* B
Breann: they've gotta be strong
Ann who is SUPER pissed: Wrong kind of tails! Wrong kind of tails!
Lorix: Eeewww. Ewwww. and EEEEWWWW.
SRAL: tailsex!

Justin: no No NOOO!

Are you a fan of shifters, weird or otherwise?

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  1. Hey there Jenni Lea. Wow, this book sounds pretty awesome. Shifters can be an interesting niche and I don't mind them. I also like that this book has other interesting tidbits as well, and it sounds like it has a great story along with hot intimacy. The romance between Seth and Dustin seems very hot and sexy. I think this would be a great read, and I will check it out!

    1. This really is a fun book. I hope you enjoy it. :)