Review: The Violet and the Tom by Eve Ocotillo

In what might have been the middle ages, had neither Alexander the Great nor Jesus the prophet died young, the Greek State is a powerful economic force in southern Europe, and slavery is a profitable and well-entrenched social institution. Nygell, a Lord of the Northern Isles, is given the gift of a Grecian slave by the King. Nygell wants no such responsibility.

A homoerotic romance. Set in an alternate universe with institutionalized slavery, thus consent is by nature dubious at best. Elements of BDSM.

What a fantastic twist on the typical slave and master story! I can't believe I hadn't read this sooner.

Can. Not. Believe it.

I went in not knowing much about it other than it's set in an alternate universe where citizens were able to own slaves. And, for me, I didn't need to know much more than that.  That being said, I hadn't read any spoilers and didn't know what I was getting into and it was wonderful! Don't do it. Read spoilers, that is.

Sylvan was purchased by the king as a gift for his son. *high five* Way to go, Dad! Not much can beat a gift like that, eh? Apparently there are a multitude of gifts better than a slave in Nygell's opinion. He wants nothing to do with a slave. But now he owns the poor boy. What's he to do?

The story is told from Sylvan's POV and he's been in slavery for years. It's all he's known. He's been through trainings and masters, all he wants is some attention and affection from his master for being such a good boy. And he is such a good boy. *pets*

I said in the beginning that the story isn't typical and in many (important) ways it's not. But, of course, there are some elements seen in every AU master/slave book that are in The Violet and the Tom. There's a master and his sweet slave who just wants to please. Ugh. My favoritest of all my favoritest things. In books, at least.

But there's more, so much more to Sylvan and Nygell.

Stuff between them obviously wasn't working out because of the whole Nygell-doesn't-want-a-slave deal. Really put a damper on things. So, they had to find a solution. And, oh boy, they did. They so did. The way they supported each other and were devoted enough to stick it out together was just... everything. Not only that, but they were able to form a real relationship outside of the slavery. Something solid, real and lasting. Because they were able to do this first it really helped them deal with their constant struggles to make it work.

This is where I've got to keep it short. Sylvan and Nygell are amazing together and going through their struggles right along with them made their journey all the more powerful to read. I can't recommend this free read enough.

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