Review: The Faery Reel by Arielle Pierce

Faeries don’t exist, right?

That’s what Osian tells himself. So what if the stranger in the pub, the one that glows in the darkened room, has a beauty that is otherworldly. And that the man is watching him with eyes that promise trouble. So what if the music that drifts across the moor sounds like nothing he's ever heard. So what if it’s the night of the summer solstice, the night when the veil between the human world and the faery world is whisper thin.

Osian is not a believer. Not until he is kidnapped by Conall and taken to the world of the fey. In the Otherworld, Osian is offered something he’s never had: the love of another man. But this love comes at the cruelest price. For in order to stay with Conall, Osian must give up his home, his friends, and his family.

But there is a way out—if he chooses. It involves letting himself go, allowing himself to trust Conall, and finding the true meaning of his name.

Can Osian trust Conall enough to risk it all? It’s a dangerous game he plays, but the prize—love—may be worth the risk of losing it all.

Imagine you're a sarcastic, snobbish (when it comes to music), swearing Welshman in Ireland with your American friend on the summer solstice. You play the violin, you don't think you're that attractive (which you're fine with-mostly) and are prepared to have yet another lonely night pub-trawling with your fellow musician friend. And then you make eyes with the most gorgeous man you've ever seen, long blonde hair, super tall, ethereal. and you lose eye contact for just a moment...and BAM, he's gone. Disappeared in thin air.

Like the set up so far? I did too! Osain, the young snarky violinist grabbed my attention from the first words he uttered. He's scrappy, self-deprecating (without being annoying), curses like a sailor and has good taste in music. What's not to like? The story is told in 1st POV which I really like because you can get to be in the character's shoes.  On the night of the summer solstice, Osian is kidnapped by the gorgeous guy who turns out to be a fae, or aes Sidhe, named Conall. Conall is a MC I love reading about and I can eat his type up for days. That smug, yet sexy, controlling without beating you over the head with a club, slick talker. He's sort of described like this:

Legolas is always hot...I know.

But I pictured him more like this elf:

Nuada from Hellboy 2 - Frigging love him! He's creepily delicious.
Conall is a sly trickster and smooth lover that delivers the D. I wish I learned more of his world but the glimpses that was given in the short story were interesting. I loved the banter between Osain and Conall especially right after being kidnapped. Osain reacted how I would have reacted. He's not a big bloke and pretty much could have been squashed like a bug at any moment but he still tried to give as good as he got.

The two main characters can't deny the attraction but Osain does not want to stay in the faery world. He's enchanted by Conall but still wants to keep living his human life. Hint: Surprise shifting. (loved!) A challenge is thrown, some minor angst is delivered, hot sex is had, snark is given. I enjoyed. I am a lover of fae romances especially the sexy kind like The Faery Reel.

The ending? It's HFN/HEA-ish, I guess. Maybe if this was a longer story where we get to learn more about the main characters, I could rate higher. That is not to say the ending wasn't a good one. It was quite the compromise. I just wanted...more. More of this world created, more time to see the ending blossom...more.

Quick fun read, not really a re-read for me. But it is definitely a memorable little bit of fun.

My first Arielle Pierce read...will not be my last.