Review: The Enlightenment of Daniel (Sex in Seattle, #2) by Eli Easton

Sex in Seattle: Book Two

Business tycoon Daniel Derenzo lives for his work until his dying father reminds him life is short. When Daniel starts to reevaluate his world he experiences a startling revelation—he’s attracted to his business partner and best friend, Nick, even though Daniel always believed himself to be straight. In typical type-A fashion, Daniel dissects his newfound desires with the help of the experts at the Expanded Horizons sex clinic. He goes after Nick with the fierce determination that’s won him many a business deal.

Nick Ross was in love with Daniel years ago, when they were roommates in college. But Daniel was straight and Nick patched his broken heart by marrying Marcia. Two kids and fourteen years later, they go through the motions of their marriage like ships passing in the night. But Nick’s kids mean the world to him, and he’s afraid he’ll never get joint custody if they divorced. If he can trust his heart to an awakening Daniel, they all might find their way to a happily ever after.

So the author of the month here at BMBR is the wonderful Eli Easton. Once upon a time a, nay,  the Stallion pointed me in the direction of Superhero, two pages in and I was hooked. Blame it on the Mistletoe came *fans self*, I mean have you read it, that stuff is HOT. So not only could she do YA brilliantly, she did NA (that's the right term for college student type books isn't it, New Adult?) brilliantly.....but how would I feel about her adult books, would I feel the mojo had been lost? The answer is a resounding NO. So I went on an Eli Easton book buying spree and today I'm here to tell you about The Enlightenment of Tony, Sex in Seattle book 2, (see SRAL's review of book 1 here).

Two hot business tycoons falling in love, what's not to like? It covers many of my favourite themes, friends to lovers, GFY, oh yes and it did all in Eli's inimitable fashion. Nick was in love with Daniel years ago but his super-straight BFF was way off limits, so he does what he thought was right and married Marcia. 14 years on and Daniel has his revelation - Nick is HOT. Nick is waaaaay hot and, by gum, he wants to fuck him. Now though there are two children involved.

I liked how this book explores marriage, separation and the needs of children in divorce proceedings. Is it the ideal situation? - no, ideally Nick and Daniel would have got together in college and had their HEA....but then Nick's children wouldn't exist and that is something he could never regret. No loving parent would ever wish that their children didn't exist so their lives could carry on conveniently. His children are the most important thing in the world to Nick and I really believed this.

Eli writes this well, sometimes Marcia is painted as the horrible ex-wife, and her mother, OMG talk about interfering, but generally I loved it.The romance, as ever in anything by Eli Easton, is super hot. SUPER HOT.

If you've read the first book we meet Jack, Tony and Michael again - but you certainly don't have to have read book 1 to read this, it works perfectly well as a stand alone.

All in all I would highly recommend this book (and to be frank, all her others).


  1. This one's on my short list to read soon! So excited! Thanks for the review.

  2. You're welcome, I love Eli Easton's writing, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!