Review: Razzle Dazzle (Gin & Jazz #2) by Morticia Knight

Book Two in the Gin & Jazz series.

Jack is on the verge of silent film stardom, but Hollywood glory won’t heal his broken heart. But the seductive screen idol—Roman Pasquale—sweeps Jack away, and makes him his own. Will Roman’s obsessive love finally bring Jack true happiness?

Jack is devastated by the loss of Nick, his best friend and lover. His only other friend, new Hollywood star Trixie Fox, comes to his rescue. What he doesn’t know, is that she’s also helping Roman Pasquale in his carefully planned seduction of the shy and innocent Jack.

Suave film screen idol—Roman Pasquale—has been obsessed by Jack Stone from the moment he spotted him at a Global Studios party. He will stop at nothing until the golden-haired young man belongs to him. An expert at getting what he wants, Roman plans every wicked word, look and move to bring him closer to achieving his prize.

Jack is on the brink of stardom, and can’t believe that his movie star crush, Roman Pasquale, is taking an interest in him. But he resists the older, more sophisticated man’s attempts at seducing him. After all, he still loves Nick, and just isn’t ready to try again with anyone else. But when Roman turns on the charm, Jack is tempted. Can Roman replace Nick in Jack’s heart? Or is the magical world of the great Roman Pasquale all an illusion?

Not again! Ms. Knight is trying to kill me by cliffhanger. 

Jack is alone. Stupid Nick, effing... *grumbles* He's lonely and heartbroken and lost in this ruthless city that is ready to eat him alive. But he has his trusty sidekick, Trixie, to help him through the tough times. *grumbles some more*

Roman is a Hollywood elite and has his eyes on Jack. He's fallen in love with Jack almost instantly and pulls out all the stops in order to get that sweet, innocent boy to himself.  But Jack is hesitant, he's still hurting and love with Nick. He's not someone to just jump into bed with whatever guy comes along so Roman really does have his work cut out for him.

I kind of feel the same way about Roman as I did about Nick. I could take him or leave him. He obviously really loves Jack and genuinely wants Jack to be happy and in his life, but I don't really like the way he shows his affection. He's possessive and obsessive almost to the point of being scary. He takes care of Jack, but that's not what Jack needs or wants.

Jack just wants to be loved, really loved and trusted. He hasn't found that in either Roman or Nick. So, at this point I don't care if he ends up with either of them, as long as the one he is with gives my Jacky Boy the kind of love and life that he deserves.

Trixie. Ugh. Don't even get even get me started on that chick. With her 'ideas' and plotting and planning, all in the name of fame. She says she really cares for Jack, and I think she might, but she cares about her drugs, sex and fame a whole hell of a lot more.

Basically, I love Jack. But he needs to grow a pair and get away from these people who treat him poorly. They all want him in their life because he's loving and caring and giving, but what is he really getting in return? Not much worth having. I'm hoping he grows up a bit in the last two books.

This was just as good as the first in the series. It's gritty and real and none of the characters are perfect, far from it actually. They're wonderfully flawed and believable. I'm wholeheartedly on Jack's side and can't wait for him to get his HEA, whether it's with Nick, Roman or someone completely different, I don't care, as long as they're worthy of all Jack has to give.

I'm moving straight to #3, I need to know what's next for dear Jacky Boy.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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