Review: Mail Order Cowboy by Lor Rose

The heart wants what it wants.

Austin and Loren have been together for sixteen years and own a small cattle ranch but something is missing. Their love is playful, youthful, and fun, but they know there’s more for them. What that more is they don’t know. Talk of adding someone else interests the couple but no one has the spark they crave.

Hugh is a friend of Austin’s son and needs a place to go and a job. His own parent’s have disowned him and no one will talk to him after what he’s done. Calling his friend’s dad is a last resort but what other choice does he have?

What Hugh finds he doesn’t expect but maybe, just maybe, he is worth something after all.

Lor Rose's "Mail Order Bride" is a super short story that features an older married gay cowboys set in the future, the year 2316 to be exact. The couple, Loren and Austin, are in their early forties and have been eyeing their ginger ranch hand, the twenty year old Hugh. Oh and Hugh is a friend of their son. And Loren and Austin are not only best friends, they are also brother-in-laws. (They are widowers.) Don't worry everyone is legal and nothing improper happened prior to Hugh being legal.

Loren and Austin act like they are half their age, running around, name calling and playing pranks. The story circled pervy kinks, brother-in-laws screwing and then these older men screw their kid's friend. Wrong to some but still hot. Since this story was basically PWP, I'm rating on the eroticism of the rough sex scene with all three men. The story started off rough but this line definitely made me perk up and pay attention:

"Tell us no now or we're going to fuck all damn night"

More hot dirty talk happens. But the other elements introduced kind of went nowhere. Why mention it was set in the future if the story reads like a contemporary? The idea felt unfinished. So did the story. The elements were sort of hot but had no elaboration to really carry this story farther. The couple made their threesome permanent, son's friendship with Hugh be damned.

This was an okay PWP. Nothing more. *shrugs*

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