Sunday Funday!!!

Flirtation Rules of the 1800s, or
In which we pretend to be civilized unicorns.

I started my romance reading back in high school with traditional Regencies. Now I'm reading m/m erotic romances with two-penised aliens, but I digress... *ahem*

When I came across this webpage that contained lists of flirtation rules of the 1800s, my little Regency-reading heart went all aflutter. Check it out here:

In a way, the flirtation rules remind me of the handkerchief code used to convey preferences and fetishes in gay culture.

*carries her parasol over her right shoulder*

What do you think? ;)

P.S. Okay, I lied, it's not a totally classy unicorn Sunday, after all. Why? Because I came across this awesome stuffed, um..."animal?" set!

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And with the holiday season upon us, these are the perfect something special for that someone special in your life!

Extra bonus: Now you can be sure to rub up against that magical little prostate every night. ;)


  1. Totally getting myself a prostate for my stocking :D!

    1. It's what all the Big Bottomed Daddy Doms want for Christmas!