Review: My Name was Karl by Daniel Mitton

It was a forgotten place. A place with a dark history. Thousands of men had passed through its doors during the first three quarters of the twentieth century. Most had served their time and moved on. But not all had been so fortunate.
As the years ticked by and the seasons changed, the old prison moldered away, but one thing stayed constant.
In the deepest part of the night, on the darkest nights of the year—particularly in spring, if you were sensitive enough to hear them—sounds could be heard coming from the deepest bowels of the lowest level basement. All was not right. Something was waiting, alone in the darkness.
Waiting for someone to finally hear its sorrow.
When Petty Officer Ben Pierce decided to explore the long abandoned Naval Prison next to his decrepit barracks, the last thing he expected to find was a mystery.
Something is in the Prison. Or is it someone? Where is the weeping coming from? When Ben follows the sounds to an ice cold, but empty, cell, he isn’t sticking around to find out any more details.
But now he can’t get it out of his mind.

Before I write my review of the content I have to let you all know how much I love this cover. It's beautiful. The cover and the blurb did an excellent job of selling this story to me - I LOVE a good ghost story!

As you can tell by my rating though, the story didn't work for me, and that makes me sad because I wanted to like it so much.

I love everything about the premise of this story; the setting, the characters, the ghost!! The writing just didn't work for me though. It is really a case of an author and reader being not suited to each other, I couldn't click with the author's style at all, and style is a tremendously personal thing to a writer. It is what makes author A different from author B. It's a thing to be cherished by a writer.

Like fashion though, not every style is liked by everyone else. Y'all might be loving your cold-shouldered tops/dresses, but I'm not a huge fan. It is the way it is. Nobody's fault, I'm not wrong, you're not wrong is just a matter of taste.

When it comes to books that I'm writing a review for though it's difficult. I need to be honest; and honest is, I didn't like this book. Simple. It felt too clunky in its writing style, like a join the dot story (how to get from this plot point to this plot point to that plot point etc as quickly as possible). But just because it didn't suit me, doesn't mean it won't suit you. You know what I mean?? I seem to be getting awfully fussy in my old age. I have a more definite idea of writing I like and this just did not fall into that category. Which is a shame.

Check out other reviews, don't make a not gonna read decision on this review alone. It is merely my opinion.
A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.
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