The BMBR Stable

Here at Boy Meets Boy Reviews, we celebrate our Author of the Month honorary unicorns with an adorable Natasha Snow original drawing! Below you'll find our stable of Author of the Month unicorns who have been so kind as to visit us here at BMBR. They're quite a lively bunch!

Kim Dare (October 2014 AotM)

Vaughn Demont (September 2014 AotM)

K.A. Merikan (August 2014 AotM)

Anyta Sunday (July 2014 AotM)

Eden Winters (June 2014 AotM)

S.J. Frost (May 2014 AotM)

Jay Bell (April 2014 AotM)
Lyn Gala (March 2014 AotM)

Eli Easton (February 2014 AotM)

Tali Spencer (January 2014 AotM)

RJ Scott (December 2013 AotM)

James Cox (November 2013 AotM)


  1. OMG, these are hilarious. What an awesome idea! I love the pictures too! This adds such a lively spark to things here. Nice!

    1. Thanks for checking our stable out! Mighty fine fillies and stallions we got there!! ;D

  2. The author of Billie Jean would like to thank the Unicorns for selecting Billie, and to offer patronage :D
    Also, to offer Unicorn treats


    1. Awwwwwww, Al!

      You certainly have figured out the way to a unicorns heart. Sugar, lots and lots of sugar! We also appreciate glitter, hooch, peen and BUNS too, but sugar is very high on the list.

      I loved your story and look forward to reading more of your words!


  3. Unicorns! :) Me and my girls exploded with giggles. Wonderful intros my youngest loved the Daffodil Candy. I can't make up my mind but I also the review hearts Lovely and Scary at the same time.