Review: Under His Stiletto by K.A. Merikan

--- No discipline until you’ve had your greens! ---

Mike doesn’t like overcomplicating things. At thirty two, he’s nowhere near settling down and divides his time between his construction job and the pub. Then his life becomes everything but simple when his coworkers catcall the wrong person, and Mike ends up punished for it. Which doesn’t seem all that bad, since he loves punishment and discipline.

Loves it so much in fact, that he will do anything for more licks from the sexy crossdresser’s belt.

Living in a state of perfect domestic bliss where he does as he’s told, and in turn gets freshly baked cookies and his laundry done, lines blur all too quickly, and it might just be Momma not Mike who is skittish about relationships.

Despite all the hoops he has to jump through, nothing can scare Mike away, because he is a good boy and he will prove it no matter what punishments Momma has him endure!

Themes: commitment issues, discipline, crossdressing, role-play, dirty talk, punishments, identity, spanking, bullying
Genre: M/M contemporary romance, BDSM
Length: ~22,000 words (standalone story)

WARNING: Adult content that might be considered taboo role-play. Explicit content, strong language, discipline. Reader discretion advised.

Yes! This was utterly depraved and I loved it! Not because of the cross-dressing or the smaller Dom (that was just awesome!) but because of the role-playing….

Mike nuzzled her neck, squeezing her nipple through the fabric. “I get so horny at night, Momma. It’s all I can think about.”

Momma whimpered, briefly closing her eyes before glancing at him again. Her fingers squeezed harder around Mike’s wrist. “It’s been a long time since your daddy left us, Michael. And you can be so sweet. Why do you tempt me so?”

See! sooo kinky!

Despite the 'her’s’ in this scene Momma is in fact a man and describes himself as a full-time transvestite. It was very interesting hearing about his life and how he got to this stage in his life. Momma was a great character!

So why isn't this kinky little nugget a 5 heart read? Because of their weird relationship progression. I completely understood Momma and where he was coming from, but Mike was adamant about no relationship, (even when he stayed for the night… and never went home) until suddenly he wasn't. I just thought that part could have had a little something more.

Definitely give this a go if incest role-play doesn't squeak you out.

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