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We're delighted to welcome Annabelle Jacobs into anniversary shenanigans today! She's brought some sexy vamps AND a BOSS giveaway!

Dark Angel

Kal watched from his spot beside the stage, hidden from the club patrons. Every elegant twist and turn of Rax’s body held his attention like nothing else could.
The music stopped.
Rax froze in position; back arched, head thrown back exposing his neck. Kal smirked and spared a glance around the crowd; all focused on Rax like they wanted to eat him.
If they only knew.
Their hungry expressions turned Kal’s stomach and he looked away in disgust.
Once back in the changing room, he slammed the door. Walking over to the dressing table, he braced his hands on the edge, head hung low, eyes closed, and tried to calm his temper.
Moments later the door opened and closed with a soft snick. No other sound signalled anyone had entered, but Kal could sense him. The connection they shared was a living, breathing thing that set his whole body alight.
Rax’s hard form pressed up behind him, and Kal sighed. “You’re still warm.”
“Hmmm….” He ran his nose along the top of Kal’s shoulder, stopping at the crook of his neck and breathing deep. “Your blood flows through my veins. It keeps me that way. Keeps me alive.”
Kal shivered. “Show me how alive you are.”
Soft laughter greeted his words, tickling his neck, and Rax pressed closer. The hard line of his cock made Kal’s breath catch with the way it nestled against his arsecheeks, a promise of what Rax could give him.
Music started up for the next act, muted through the changing room walls, but not enough for Kal to forget where they were. “I hate the way they look at you. Like you’re theirs for the taking.”
“Shh…” Rax gently gripped Kal’s chin and coaxed his head up. “Look at me.”
Kal opened his eyes, their reflection staring back at him. Rax’s pale, smooth body was exquisite; no flaws marred his skin, his muscles lean but beautifully defined. Kal’s lip curled at the black gauze wrapped around Rax’s body. It fanned out behind him like wings, earning him his stage name: Dark Angel.
Rax smoothed a thumb across Kal’s bottom lip. “Don’t be jealous. You know I’m yours.”
Dark eyes met Kal’s gaze in the mirror, heavily outlined with kohl. They took his breath away, as though Rax saw into his very soul.
“Say it.”
“You’re mine.” Kal licked his lips, and his tongue caught the pad of Rax’s thumb, making him hiss.
“And?” Rax gently tilted Kal’s head to the side.
“And I’m yours.”
“Yes.” He dipped his head and kissed the base of Kal’s throat. “I want to taste you.” A hint of fang ghosted over Kal’s skin, and Kal moaned, his jeans becoming uncomfortably tight. “I know I fed last night, but I won’t take much, I promise.” Rolling his hips, Rax teased out another moan, then slid a hand slowly down Kal’s chest until he reached the front of his jeans. “You want me.” He palmed Kal’s erection, squeezing gently.
“Always.” Kal let his head fall back onto Rax’s shoulder, exposing more of his throat. “Take it.”
The words were hardly out before he felt the sting of teeth.
“Oh fuck.” Kal clung to the edge of the dressing table as Rax drank from him. He stroked Kal through the denim of his jeans, expertly bringing him to the edge without ever touching him properly. And like all the times before, he waited for Kal to ask for it. To beg.
“Touch me,” Kal murmured. “Please.”
With a quick flick of his wrist, Rax had the button open and zip down.
Yes,” Kal breathed out, as Rax wrapped his hand around Kal’s cock.
He stroked him fast and hard while he drank from his neck, and Kal closed his eyes, already so close to coming.
“Look at me,” Rax urged, and Kal glanced up to meet his gaze in the mirror. “You are mine.” Rax licked the blood from his fangs and his grip tightened.
Kal cried out, spilling over Rax’s fist.

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About the author:

Annabelle Jacobs lives in the South West of England with her three rowdy children, and two cats.

An avid reader of fantasy herself for many years, Annabelle now spends her days writing her own stories. They're usually either fantasy or paranormal fiction, because she loves building worlds filled with magical creatures, and creating stories full of action and adventure. Her characters may have a tough time of it—fighting enemies and adversity—but they always find love in the end.

Find her at:

Twitter: @AJacobs_fiction

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