Giveaway + Blog Tour: Concourse (Five Boroughs, #5) by Santino Hassell

The Concourse tour and Ashton and his squad are here today along with an eye-opening diagram. Not to be missed!

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About Concourse

Ashton Townsend is the most famous celebutante of Manhattan’s glitterati. The black sheep of his wealthy family, he’s known for his club appearances, Instagram account, and sex tape. Most people can’t imagine him wanting for anything, but Ashton yearns for friendship, respect, and the love of his best friend—amateur boxer Valdrin Leka. 

Val’s relationship with Ashton is complicated. As the son of Ashton’s beloved nanny, Val has always bounced between resenting Ashton and regarding him as his best friend. And then there’s the sexual attraction between them that Val tries so hard to ignore.

When Ashton flees his glitzy lifestyle, he finds refuge with Val in the Bronx. Between Val’s training for an upcoming fight and dodging paparazzi, they succumb to their need for each other. But before they can figure out what it all means—and what they want to do about it—the world drags them out of their haven, revealing a secret Val has kept for years. Now, Ashton has to decide whether to once again envelop himself in his party-boy persona, or to trust in the only man who’s ever seen the real him.

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About the Five Boroughs Universe

New York City—home of soaring skyscrapers, concrete boulevards, and the hopes and dreams of millions. A city where opposites attract and romance is found in unlikely places. From the glittering penthouses of Manhattan to the blue collar neighborhoods of Queens, values get tested, cultures clash, and connections made. Men of diverse backgrounds examine their lives, test their sexual boundaries, and seek success in an unforgiving urban landscape that moves fast and stops for no one. Despite the odds, there’s love to be found in the five boroughs as long as they’re willing to work for it.

Check out the Five Boroughs Universe.

About Santino Hassell

Santino was raised by a conservative family, but he was anything but traditional. He grew up to be a smart-mouthed grunge kid, then a transient twentysomething, and eventually transformed into a guy who spends his days and nights writing romance with an edge.

Santino is a dedicated gamer, a former fanfic writer, an ASoIaF mega nerd, a Grindr enthusiast, but most of all he is a writer of LGBT fiction that is heavily influenced by the gritty, urban landscape of New York City, his belief that human relationships are complex and flawed, and his own life experiences.

Connect with Santino:

Meet Ashton’s Squad

My newest release, Concourse, is book 5 in the Five Boroughs series, but it can be read as a standalone. You don’t need to read the other four novels to understand the plot of Concourse, or to get to know Ashton Townsend or Valdrin Leka—the two heroes. In fact, Valdrin is completely new to the series.

However, there are cameos made by previous main characters and side characters who were introduced in previous books (most notably in First and First). Will you be lost? Probably not since the narrative explains how they all befriended Ashton, but here’s a guide just in case you want a who’s-who of the pre-existing characters.

Ashton Townsend

Ashton was first introduced as a minor character in First and First as a charming, beautiful, and androgynous rich kid. He was the boy everyone wanted to sleep with, but very obviously not someone who was taken seriously. It was writing those scenes, when he was doing his breathlessly sexy “Marilyn Monroe shtick” that I became intrigued by the person behind this persona. Especially because his loneliness was apparent even when I didn’t intend for it to be. He only had three scenes in that book, but several readers wanted to know more. However, you don’t need to read those scenes to get to know him in Concourse.

Meredith Stone

Mere is a self-proclaimed lush and party girl who is wealthy, brutally honest, bisexual, and as sex positive as they come. She works as the brand ambassador of her older brother’s queer dating app which was introduced in First and First along with her character, and likens her real estate tycoon father to Robert Durst.

Charles Jovanovic

Charles is gay, a dancer/photographer/artist/bartender fashionista with no filter or mute button. He was first introduced in Sutphin Boulevard in a very small part as a bartender with dramatic makeup and glittery eyelashes before getting another appearance in First and First as Mere and her brother Caleb’s loud-mouthed and dramatic friend. However, readers still don’t know a lot about Charles except that he has a very tumultuous relationship with his boyfriend (or is it ex-boyfriend?).

Jace Fairbairn

Like many of the others, Jace was first introduced in First and First. He is gay, poly, and kinky, and enjoys “sexual adventures” with his husband—Aiden. Readers don’t know much about Jace except that he loves romance novels, struggled with depression, and that he and his husband have been considering adding a third to their relationship

Stephanie Quinones

Stephanie was introduced in Sunset Park, book 2 of the series, as one of the close friends of Raymond Rodriguez—the hero of that book. What do readers know about Steph? Not much so far since she hasn’t had a major role until now. But, she is a pansexual paralegal who does more work than all the partners in the law firm combined. She’s also bold, whip smart,  and doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her. There’s also the complicated relationship she has with a certain boy named Angel.

Nunzio Rodriguez

I couldn’t not mentioned Nunzio. He is one of the heroes of Sutphin Boulevard, has had infrequent cameos throughout, and is the resident Five Boroughs heartthrob and fan favorite. He’s a big-hearted teacher with a lot of patience and charm, and helps Ashton through some rough moments in Concourse. Ashton has never officially met Nunzio until this book (even though he was a guest at Nunzio’s wedding), so if you’ve never read the other novels, this is a good place to get to know him.

I hope you love all the returning characters as well as the new ones! If you’re curious as to how they’re all connected, please enjoy this amazing chart created by Deva Perez!

To celebrate the release of Concourse, one lucky winner will receive a $25 Riptide credit! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on May 6, 2017. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!


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