Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit - M. Caspian (NSFW)

Have your fans ready cuz it's about to get hot up in herra! Y'hear?

Page 182: Gifts for Him

“I guess we don’t have long.”

“Guess not.”

Andrew pushed Mike into the hardwood chair and yanked his shirt open, leaving his tie askew. The buttons pinged on the hardwood floor. He stripped off his own shirt and catapulted it over the dining table towards the softbox.

Mike groaned as Andrew knelt between his legs and sucked him down with spit-slicked lips. “Oh, shit. You are amazing at this.”

“Been wanting this since the first moment I saw you.” Andrew dragged the front of his briefs down and pulled out his cock.

“Christ, you’re huge.”

Andrew’s hard cock was like a club, the head impossibly thick. Mike whined with need and helplessly clenched his empty hands.

Andrew lapped at Mike’s slit as he fisted his cock. A drop of clear precum trembled on the head of Andrew’s dick, then drizzled to the floor.

Andrew scooped up a finger full of saliva from Mike’s balls and brushed across Mike’s crack. Mike shivered. Oh, fuck, how he wanted it. Wanted it to burn. Wanted to feel it for days.

 “I’ve got lube in my bag. Stay after we’re done? Looks like that hole of yours needs a good hard fucking.”

“I can’t,” gasped Mike. “I fly out in an hour.”

“You don’t live here?”

Mike shook his head. “Duluth. I only come down when the agency has a job for me. I don’t know when that’ll be next.”

“I can’t wait till next time. Hold yourself open for me, baby. You want to be filled, and I know how to give you what you need.”

The door flew open. The camerawoman froze in the doorway, the extra key light in her hand.

“Oh my God, we left you alone for literally five minutes,” cried the director. “It’s lucky those shirts are permapress. Stop sucking his dick and get your clothes on. We’ve got to be out of the studio by six.”

 “Although . . ..” The camerawoman looked thoughtfully at the director  “I mean, you can see the socks pretty damn well. We could just . . . go with it? Try another direction this year?”

The director gazed at Mike and Andrew assessingly as she tapped her index finger against her chin. “Do you think Middle America is ready for a department store Christmas Gift Guide with full penetration?”

Mike and Andrew looked at each other.

“Definitely,” they said in unison.


About M. Caspian

Hi, I’m Em, and I write queer horror and speculative fiction as M. Caspian, and in a few other genres under different pen names. I’m an introvert asexual Gen-X nerd from New Zealand, and yes, I have one of those weird accents. I’ve got a couple of other author blogs for marketing, but this is my main blog i.e. the place where I drabble on about shit I like, or which makes me thoughtful.

I have a PhD in feminist critical theory, which makes me pretty much unemployable. I lost my job as a university lecturer in 2012, and then my next job as a social science researcher in 2016. Follow my blog so we can share in the excitement of what job I will lose next!

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