Review: Elusive Radiance by Aidee Ladnier

A young bodyguard finds her special abilities are no match for a flirtatious delegate willing to gamble everything on the galaxy trade talks.

Assigned to guard a diplomat at the galaxy trade talks, Security Officer Anais wants to shine during her first solo mission for the Chezeray Palace Conglomerate. An Elusive with the ability to make herself invisible, Anais knows her modified genes designate her servant class, but she yearns to be more than simply a protector to the beautiful delegate.

Savea Blackmun arrives alone to the trade talks with the weight of her planet’s future resting on her slim shoulders. Flirting with her pretty bodyguard reveals Anais’ knowledge of the colony markets and Savea realizes there’s much more to her protector than meets the eye.

As their attraction grows, will the diplomat and the bodyguard reject society’s rules to give in to desire instead?

Anais is an Elusive; a genetically modified human, who has the ability to become invisible. Her duty is security, and her task is to protect the delegate of Helion, Savea. Savea is flirty, and is not shy about showing her interest in Anais. Anais is hesitant, but cannot help but feed into her own fantasy of being with the stunning delegate.

I’m disappointed that this was so short. I was really enjoying it. The world building was simple but good. The character development was thorough for a short story. There was a little bit of action, because what’s a sci-fi story without a little drama.

I enjoyed the exchanges between Anais and Savea. Their chemistry worked well. I thought their personalities were well defined, and strong. Anais is shy, because she’s pretty much a servant. Parentless and born in a lab, she dreams of freedom and love. Savea is confident and outspoken, honest, and real.

This felt more like a prologue to something longer, and the world was interesting enough for me to want this in a novel. The author did a great job of keeping the flow going and the plot tight.

The sex was steamy, and very enjoyable to read. It felt natural, and wasn’t over the top. This is the sort of lesbian romance I’ve been trying to find for a while, with passion and plot in equal measure.

This would be perfect for a lunch break, or train commute to or from work. Recommended for readers who enjoy sci-fi, with a light plot, and some nice heat.

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