Review: The Knife of Narcissus IV by Carolyne Chand

Lucius Sentius, son of a prominent merchant, ambitious young Roman himself, and exemplar of the new generation in a newly strengthened Empire, is building a reputation. Mostly a terrible one, and mostly thanks to a possibly insane poet who has taken an interest in elegizing his allegedly wild ways in graffiti on toilet-house walls. 

Notoriety will only keep the man Lucius loves away from him. Trio has fled the city, leaving a tangle of half-truths between them, sending baffling missives. The answers the gods seem to be making to Lucius’s prayers are only more knots to unravel. 

Lucius is determined to set at least one part of his life and reputation right—his marriage bed. A few rehearsals first with appropriate teachers seems to be the obvious solution to get past his hesitation. But life and love are never as simple as he would hope. And his wife, Velleia, has plans and secrets of her own. 

Part 4 of a serial novel in 7 parts. The Knife of Narcissus will be released biweekly, then as a complete novel for Saturnalia (mid-December) 2014.

Episode IV of the Lucius saga left me feeling a bit out of sorts. I'm thoroughly enjoying the setting and Lucius, but I'm stumped as to how some of this is going to be relevant to the endgame.

It's taken me this long to realize Lucius is a lover not a fighter. He just wants everyone to be happy which, I believe, is going to cause some problems in the not too distant future.

Somebody's going to be butt hurt.

Trio is still in the country. Lucius is still trying to develop some sort of relationship with Velleia with some success. Yes, girl parts were involved. Arpalycus is the wild card. I fear we're barreling towards a choice that's going to leave one or more heartbroken. 

However, aside from that development the rest of what transpired in this episode I found somewhat dull. What's more, I don't see how the first third of the story is going to have bearing in the grand scheme of things. It just felt like filler.

The scene with the poet was highly amusing and I think he's going to provide some much needed comic relief before long.

Overall, I enjoyed it but more for the atmosphere, the writing style and Lucius than the events if that makes sense.

I would like to thank the author for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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