Blog Tour: Evenfall Volume 1 & 2: Director's Cut By Ais and Santino Hassell

Hsin and Boyd are back and they've taken Mexico by storm.  Or infiltrated it, whatever.  

To those of you new to the In the Company of Shadows world, take a look at the blurb and excerpts below.  If you're not instantly hooked, I'll eat my horn.

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Volume 1
In a post-apocalyptic future, the Agency works behind the scenes to take down opposition groups that threaten the current government. Their goals justify all means, even when it comes to their own agents.

Sin is the Agency's most efficient killer. His fighting skills and talent at assassination have led to him being described as a living weapon. However, he is also known to go off on unauthorized killing sprees, and his assigned partners have all wound up dead.

Boyd is not afraid to die. When his mother, a high-ranking Agency official, volunteers him to be Sin's newest partner, he does not refuse. In fact, his life has been such an endless cycle of apathy and despair that he'd welcome death.

In the newly revised Director's Cut of Evenfall, the first volume follows these two cast-offs as they go from strangers to partners who can only rely on each other while avoiding death, imprisonment, and dehumanization by the Agency that employs them.

Boyd sprinted back the way he'd come, knowing there was little time before the hostiles pursued. The Agency car was where he had left it, and so was Sin. The senior agent was casually leaning against the side of the car. The sight of him lounging around made Boyd's aggravation swell. He skidded to a stop and grabbed Sin's shoulder.

"What the hell were—" Before he could finish the sentence, Boyd found himself pinned against the car. For a breath, he and Sin were nearly nose to nose.

"Don't touch me," Sin growled.

Boyd caught himself when Sin released his coat. He could hear the sounds of pursuit closing in on them, echoing in the alley and growing louder. With a tightened jaw, Boyd stalked around the car and jerked open the driver's side door. He hardly waited for Sin to get in before speeding down the street, the tires squealing in protest. The high-pitched whip of bullets ricocheted off the pavement around them, and he heard the dull thud of one of the shots catching the back of the car. They turned the corner and Boyd twisted the steering wheel to catch the next turn. In the rear view mirror, he saw the hostiles swarming around the corner.

Frustration continued to stain Boyd's thoughts even after they had made it another two blocks and all signs of the hostiles faded.

"Do not put your hands on me, either," Boyd said in a hard tone.

Sin once again appeared completely disinterested in his existence.

"What the hell were you doing back there? Didn't you have your comm unit on?"

"What do you think?"

"Why didn't you even try? The mission failed, and we'll both be held accountable. Doesn't that bother you?"

"The mission didn't need two people. Maybe you should have brought a gun."

Boyd didn't acknowledge that Sin was right and instead said, "What difference would that have made against so many armed hostiles? It may have helped but it wouldn't have fixed everything."

Sin half-turned in the passenger's seat. "Who exactly was it that trained you, out of curiosity? They should put termination down on their day calendar if you are their final rank 9 product."

"Not all of us were born superhuman," Boyd said coldly. "It's my first mission and I expected my partner to be where he said he would be. Apparently that was a mistake."

"Relying on anyone is a mistake. If you weren't taught that, you are more misinformed and ridiculous than I thought. This mission was a joke. If you aren't even capable of performing adequately on it, you won't last much longer whether it's me who snaps your neck or not."

"Is that what you want? Another failed attempt at a partner on your record?"

Sin released a short laugh. "Don't speak as though you know anything about me. And this partnership will fail regardless, judging from what I've seen today. You have the amazing ability to be both arrogant and completely stupid simultaneously."

"How am I stupid?" Boyd demanded. "My plan would have worked."

"Maybe but then again, maybe not. You didn't ask my opinion on the matter. Like I said, if I was anyone else, they would have aborted this mission at the first sign of you not listening to reason. Not to mention your weird-ass panic attack. They would also write up a detailed report of your ineptitude."

Boyd clenched his teeth. He wanted to argue the point that he didn't ask for Sin's opinion because clearly Sin was uninterested in ever sharing his, and nothing had stopped Sin from chiming in any time he'd wanted. But he couldn't discount Sin's other points and that annoyed him even more, along with the reminder of what had happened on Dauphin Street.

"And you plan not to?" Boyd challenged. "So far you've spent your time mocking me, ignoring me, or threatening to kill me. If you have such a problem with me I'd think you'd love the chance to tell your superiors."

"You'll die regardless. What's the point?"

At least they were in agreement on that point.

Volume 2
In the newly revised Director's Cut of Evenfall, the second volume follows Sin and Boyd through a long-term undercover mission in Mexico. They think the hardest part will be maintaining their covers and handling their attraction while living in close quarters, but that's only the beginning of their newest trials.

When hard and fast decisions lead to catastrophic consequences, the two agents realize getting out of Mexico alive may be their biggest challenge yet.

Sin didn't say anything, but his hand rose to cover Boyd's, and squeezed. Eventually, his hand fell away but it was with a lingering slide of fingertips against Boyd's skin.

In the stillness of the room with Sin's breath on his neck and nothing to focus on but the specks of dust floating in the deep, golden rays of the late evening sun, Boyd was lulled into lethargy. Behind him, Sin's breathing evened and he shifted closer. The combination of warmth, silence, and the drone of the air conditioner drew Boyd into a doze before he realized it was happening. When his eyes opened again, the sun had set, and the room was swathed in darkness and moonlight.

Sluggishness prevented Boyd from identifying what had awoken him, but the feel of a body pressed against his own provided a clue. Blinking slowly, the haze of sleep parted, and Boyd realized something else—Sin's body was not only crushed against him, but his dick was hard and snugged against Boyd's ass. A low sound tumbled from Sin's mouth, low and husky in Boyd's ear, and he rocked against Boyd.

He was yanked out of the last vestiges of sleep by the feel of Sin hard and ready behind him, but before he could respond, Sin inched away. Without thinking, Boyd wound his arm back to press against Sin's ass; he guided Sin toward him again. Their bodies aligned so perfectly that it left Boyd breathless, and he ground back against Sin's dick in a near daze.

There was no resistance, and Sin melted against him. He slid his fingers up the thigh of Boyd's boxers and swore in a voice still thick with sleep. Breath hitching, Boyd gripped Sin's ass harder. He rocked back, pulling Sin against him in tandem to build the pressure. His back ached because of the angle, but Boyd ignored it. It didn't matter for now.

One of Sin's knees slid between Boyd's thighs, his fingers digging in harder, as they moved together in earnest. In the humid darkness of the studio, the only sounds were hitched breaths and the rustle of fabric as Boyd lost himself in the fevered delirium encompassing him. The luxury of Sin wanting him, and the sensation of sweat-damp limbs sliding together while Sin humped his ass was almost too much to comprehend.

Read both volumes to learn how Sin and Boyd go from hostile and untrusting to struggling with UST that doesn't let them ignore their growing, mutual attraction. 

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About the authors:
Ais and Santino met fourteen years ago, and have been writing together in some capacity for at least a decade. They met in anime yaoi fandom, and eventually branched off into developing original characters for RPGs before entering the realm of original fiction. They have been writing and planning In the Company of Shadows since 2005, and are dedicated to improving their largest-scale writing project to date.

Ais has future plans to return to writing fantasy and has been developing ideas for an LGBT police procedural at some point in the near future. Santino's future projects are in the contemporary romance and paranormal genres.

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