Happy Hour Chat: Thick as Thieves by Tali Spencer

Welcome to the January happy hour! To kick off the new year, the clubhouse has been abuzz over a book in which unicorns feature prominently. *coughs gently* Specifically, a unicorn horn in particular. Pull up a chair and check out what we had to say about this sexy fantasy adventure! Tali Spencer will be BMBR's featured author of the month for January, so be on the lookout for more reviews of her work.

January's Happy Hour Chat book is Thick as Thieves by Tali Spencer.

Audrey: Let's go official! 
Quick copy paste of the blurb!
After Vorgell the barbarian fucks himself with a unicorn horn, he ends up in a cell with Maddog, a pretty young thief. It’s lust at first sight for Vorgell—but honestly, he can’t help it. Unicorn horn is a potent aphrodisiac, and now he can’t stop thinking about sex. Luckily, Madd is one male witch who knows how to put Vorgell’s new magical body to good use when he tricks Vorgell into a kiss that helps them escape.
Vorgell may desire sex in general—and Madd in particular—but Madd has no intention of being screwed by a man twice his size. He has problems of his own, including an enchanted collar that causes him to desire his most hated enemy. He wants that collar off as soon as possible, but that requires stealing a basilisk egg from the castle they just escaped.
Drawn together by lust and magic, the two men join forces and soon find themselves up to their necks in witches, wizards, and trouble. Vorgell and Madd might just be perfect for each other, but first they have to survive long enough to find out.
Breann: it got better for me at about 40% for about 3 seconds 
Breann: then it was done 
SRAL: I might have liked it a little. 
Jenni Lea: Just a smidge, huh SRAL? ;) 
Ann: I liked it a big smidge
Justin: It wasn't my kind of book either 
Audrey: I thought it was pretty good! 
Lorix: But he killed a unicorn!! 
Jenni Lea: I loved it! 
Ann: he was hungry! 
Natasha: for unicorn in his bum! 
SRAL: Not on purpose. 
Jenni Lea: and he thought it was a deer 
Breann: his butt was hungry 
Natasha: for unicorn 
Ann: it gave him magical jizz! 

Want to read more of the January chat, including unicorn-induced sex drives, magical jizz, and giant ass-happy barbarians? Check it out after the jump!

Yayyyy! Thanks for joining us for the January Happy Hour Chat!

*passes around a tray of spiced wine, hot tea, and "special" cider* Come grab a hot drink, snuggle up by the fire with us and our unicorn-happy couple, and see what the Unicorn Mafia thought of Tali Spencer's Thick as Thieves.

(Warning: This chat contains some spoilers.)

Jo: Ok but did Vorgell never fuck Madd because why have a guy with a cannon that you never shoot... why? what is the point…did I miss it? 
Audrey: hahahahahaha, aaaaaand Jo gets straight to the POINT. ;)
Audrey: The unicorn horn point! 
Sunny: He was too big for Madd 
SRAL: I love Vorgell, he does no wrong for me 
Jenni Lea: I loved Vorgell! 
Sunny: Vorgell was awesome 
Justin: It was very well written and a great story, it just wasn't what I enjoy in a romance 
Breann: I agree, Justin. I was really, really bored. 
Lorix: The start was too much tell not show IMO 
Audrey: I could definitely see that. I didn't like the beginning b/c it was a lot of set up and info. 
Ann: But Vorgell was the best barbarian ever! 
Sunny: He was so sweet 
Jenni Lea: Yes! 
Natasha: it was unique, the sex! because you have giant and small little twink, but they don't top/bottom the way you think! I liked that =)
Sunny: He wanted cuddles and Madd was all... NO 
Audrey: I love that Vorgell was like a super-oaf, but then his narrative showed he actually was a big softy. 
Ann: I didn't really think of it as a romance. More of a sexy adventure 
Natasha: sexventure 
Sunny: Agree with Ann on the sexy adventure 
SRAL: It was like the Never Ending Story movie but with gay main characters! And Petal! 
Jo: if you are doing the angsty poor me I have too big a dick and no one can ever love me... I can go with that if it was that type of book 
Sunny: No, he wanted to bottom 
Natasha: advensex... hmm 
Ann: I like sexventure 
Lorix: It was getting better but if I wasn't reading it for this I'd have put it down & it would be DNF 
Jo: but it was porn and in porn the big guy always gets to fuck right… right…?
Justin: I didn't sign up to read adventures, I want romance 
Lorix: Me too J!! 
Natasha: lol @ Justin 
Ann: ahhhhh you guys are such softies 
Audrey: Jo, you need to reread chapter 8! ;) 
Ann: Yes - Chapter 8!!!!! 
Jo: I read chapter 8 he just wanted to be loved cause no one ever wanted to do him... fine whatever but still no payoff =(
Justin: And it was GROSS 
Natasha: gross?! 
Sunny: What was gross? 
Justin: yes gross 
Natasha: what part? 
Justin: using a human bone 
Audrey: Ooooh, that was intense. 
Sunny: lol... for the wand? 
Justin: they barely avoided the contents of a chamber pot being dumped into the alley 
Justin: Backend gate - shit being dumped in the river
Justin: they hung and skinned Vorgell's sister and wore her skin as a coat 
Audrey: It was pretty dark in places! 
Ann: I like the dark creepiness 
Natasha: same 
Jenni Lea: I liked the dark creepiness too. 
Natasha: those damn wizards! damn you harry! 
SRAL: I liked the dark stuff mixed in. I thought it was going to be 100% light and fluffy but it wasn't 
Sunny: that was kind of gross about the skin coat 
Justin: Flemgu and the effects of the spell left him diseased rotting 
Jo: yes I hated the whole rape through collar thing and the sister being killed 
Sunny: But, all the other stuff was so great 
SRAL: Flemgu...sounds like a critical venereal disease 
Ann: Your glass is half empty J 
Jenni Lea: I'm with Sunny and Ann 
Natasha: AND NATASHA =( 
Sunny: I loved the bantering between Madd and Vorgell 
Sunny: Vorgell was so fixated on battles, and sex. 
Ann: I loved the snark - and Natasha! 
Jenni Lea: Sorry, Natasha too HAPPY NOW? 
Natasha: kind of but not really... *kicks ground* 
Audrey: They had great chemistry. 
SRAL: That shit was awesome! 
Ann: But that was part of their crazy ass world 
Lorix: Now I enjoy fantasy, some of my favourite books are fantasy but I think it was too much porn for my tastes (in reading!!) It felt a bit like everything else was there just as an excuse for his magic jizz. 
Jo: I think it takes a special talent to do high fantasy ala princess bride and then angsty drama. They don't mesh well if not written right 
Justin: They were always talking about smells too. I held my breath the whole time I was reading 
Natasha: lol how many times did you pass out?! 
Ann: Such a sensitve Stallion 
Audrey: Awwwww, *hugs* 
Sunny: This is the same J who loved Handsome Hero Wanted? 
Ann: Different fluids I suppose 
Breann: This is not like HHW! 
Sunny: true 
Lorix: Lol!! 
Jenni Lea: Yes, but … MAGIC JIZZ! 
Sunny: and magic moss... 
Ann: Vorgell's jizz could grow flowers!! 
Justin: They didn't have lice in HHW 
Justin: They didn't walk through shit in HHW 
Natasha: I feel the need to illustrate the flower making jizz... *ponders this* 
Audrey: Is it just me or did this seem oddly realistic despite the fantasy adventure thing? 
SRAL: It did. The writing was so vivid. I was totally impressed. 
Ann: It was oddly realistic - that's what made it so good! 
Justin: They bathed in HHW 
Ann: Vorgell eventually bathed 
Jenni Lea: They bathed in this book too! 
Jenni Lea: In a tub even! 
Justin: once 
SRAL: Madd loved bathing 
Natasha: @ Lori... one day, one day.. 
Ann: Don't hate on his barbarian swamp ass 
Lorix: Now he's reminding me of Shrek.... 
Sunny: "I like to kiss. And snuggle" 
Sunny: how can you not love that? 
Justin: one bath in a month doesn't count 
Breann: None of that gross stuff bothered me, that one decaying guy was the only part I liked 
Natasha: hahaha
SRAL: It wasn't contemporary, so I wasn't bothered with the lack of daily bathing. 
Lorix: After reading Game of Thrones it wasn't too icky for me! 
Jo: although I did like the whole you're my first if you don't count the going to town with a unicorn dildo.... we agreed those type of things don't count 
Sunny: Vorgell was so into Madd. It was cute. 
Justin: And here I was worried about you reading this 
Breann: it was when it was finally getting good and then... well... it was over 
Audrey: Yeah, I loved that Vorgell was totally MAD ABOUT MADD! ;) ;)
Ann: YES! 
Ann: Vorgell was such an oafy romantic 
Sunny: I liked when Vorgell was moving in for a kiss and Madd shoved the hand in his face 
Sunny: Vorgell: "You know I can't help it" 
Ann: I like icky - it makes me squinchy and that's fun 
Justin: Gag 
Natasha: @Sunny - lol yeah that made me laugh... soooo funny 
Audrey: So, favorite part of the book?? 
Jenni Lea: Vorgell, the ass-happy barbarian 
Sunny: Vorgell 
Sunny: everything Vorgell 
Ann: Vorgell! 
SRAL: All of it. that's my favorite. 
Jenni Lea: Favorite part would have to be chapter 8! 
Audrey: Vorgell and chapter 8! 
Justin: How many of you would make love to your husband if he didn't bathe for a week? 
Lorix: Veeery true J! 
Breann: I don't 'make love' =P
Ann: It's not reality J!!! 
Justin: FUCK then 
Sunny: He got a bath right away 
Natasha: I need to think… 
Audrey: Awww... *hugs* 
Sunny: They met in the castle, escaped, found a safe room and a bath 
Natasha: favorite part... uh can I say Vorgell getting fucked? is that shallow? I don't care. 
Jo: that scene was sweet between him and madd... when he made him feel special 
Sunny: That was a good part 
Ann: That was the best part 
Justin: I liked the cuddling 
Lorix: I did like how you could tell he was starting to like Madd & not just cos of the horniness. How he stayed to save him in the castle. 
Jenni Lea: I liked the part when they were in the sanctuary and Madd was all vulnerable and Vorgell was being all sweet and alpha protective and Petal hatched. 
Justin: He said Vorgell had bugs in his beard 
Ann: BEFORE he got hosed down 
SRAL: Maybe because I am a historical reader it didn't bother me as much. Please note I like my men contemporary so bathing is not optional. 
Ann: Yes L!! 
Lorix: LOL SRAL! 
Audrey: The cuddling was so sweet. 
Ann: D'awwwww 
Natasha: can I tell you guys a secret? I HATE cuddling 
Ann: Now you must be cuddled by clowns Natasha! 
Natasha: not even clowns Ann, not even clowns..... 
Jo: natasha... what the fuck.... cuddling is half the point.... 
Breann: *cuddles Natasha* 
Natasha: I hate cuddling! in books and real life 
Natasha: *runs* ahhhh! >=(
SRAL: Don't run...me neither. 
Audrey: *cuddle attack* 
Sunny: I love cuddling, everywhere 
Breann: you can't run from me! 
Natasha: I can and I will! Breann! 
Sunny: I'm extremely tactile 
Justin: I am sometimes but not always 
Ann: I'm not a big cuddler myself - too hot! 
Breann: you get back here cuddle with me! And you will LIKE IT! 
Lorix: I'm not a big cuddler (apart from my kids), you're not alone Natasha! 
Natasha: thank GOD! I thought I was a freak =( cuddling just isn't for me 
Jenni Lea: Can I have a cuddle? 
Sunny: Who thought of the soup nazi when Madd told Vorgell, "no witches for you" 
Jenni Lea: LOL! Soup Nazi FTW! 
Ann: Yes - the soup nazi! 
Audrey: I like cuddling in books. It's just...so sweet. And unexpected. 
Audrey: Especially in Thick as Thieves, where Vorgell was the cuddle bunny. 
SRAL: I like big ol' Sasquatches who like to cuddle in romances 
Jenni Lea: I'm with you SRAL! 
Jo: Me too SRAL. love it when the big alpha guy cuddles and is sweet to smaller guy.... like revs my cute meter way up 
Audrey: I dunno about you guys, but I kind of wanted more sex. The set up for the story was very PWP, in my opinion, and I was expecting more sexytimes. 
Sunny: yes, not enough sex 
Ann: The blurb was awesome but misleading for the story a bit. 
Justin: More sex would have been good 
Jo: Yes... see not just me saying needed more pay off..... 
Jo: cause I can skim and read hot sex and ignore plot I don't like but .....blah... 
SRAL: Hopefully this will be remedied in book #2 
Lorix: Guess what - I didn't read the blurb! 
Justin: LORI! 
Audrey: Neither did I, Lori! Not until after reading the book. 
Jenni Lea: I expected PWP too but was pleasantly surprised when I got an actual story with feelz and everything 
Ann: Me too JL 
SRAL: But if the writing is really good, I don't notice the lack of excessive humping. Go figure. 
Natasha: @L me too 
Sunny: I loved the dialogue, but would have liked more depth with inner thoughts 
Audrey: I did like the actual story and adventuretimes, but I thought there'd be more sexytimes sprinkled in. 
Lorix: There was a lot of cock sucking. A LOT of cock sucking. 
Lorix: Ya know with it being the source of magic an' all. 
Ann: I'm with you L. If I'm not missing the humping, that is a good book 
Ann: Suck that magic! 
SRAL: Cock sucking...for magics! 
Lorix: ^^^SRAL!! 
SRAL: That was Madd's version of "For Science" 
Ann: I like how we can all so quickly justify the epic amount of suckage 
Jenni Lea: Yes! for science! 
Ann: I like science 
Justin: If this were my type of book it would be 5 stars all the way. 
Justin: Great writing. Great plot.
Natasha: I liked reanny... wait. was that her name? 
Natasha: reannery.. 
Jenni Lea: That was her name. 
Breann: I was really surprised that I didn't like it 
Audrey: Breann, I was the opposite - I expected not to like it, but I ended up liking it well enough. Appreciated the main points and the main characters. =)
Jenni Lea: I love OTT books so I knew I was going to like it. 
Justin: I wanted Madd to get fucked. HARD! 
Jo: Thank fucking you Justin. Me the fuck too... 
Audrey: Justin, I totally wanted that scene!! If only she'd put out an outtake or something with Vorgell as a top. 
Ann: I thought it was sexier that Vorgell wanted it and Madd could get all toppy 
Natasha: twinkie tops are my weakness 
Lorix: I think I like fantasy too much that the porn elements spoilt it for me. I want romance but not just sex in this setting. I'm not sure I'm making sense - but I know what I mean! 
Sunny: Madd was a sexy top, I just wanted more 
Justin: I'm cool with being versatile. Flip flop even. But Madd needed dick. BAD! 
Audrey: I LOVED that Madd was the top in this book. 
Natasha: yey 
Ann: YES Audrey!!!! 
Audrey: Ditto, Sunny. He was suuuuch a good top. 
SRAL: I love twinkie tops too. 
SRAL: And Twinkies 
Ann: Twinkie Tops!!! 
Natasha: yay for twinkies! 
Sunny: they still make twinkies? 
Lorix: I've never had a twinkie - they don't have them over here. =(
Natasha: *gasp* 
Audrey: I thought we'd get more sexytimes, and I was sad we didn't. 
Jo: I have read plenty of books where there is a def top but then they have that one scene where the bottom gets his chance....I like those 
Justin: MADD getting plowed would have added another star to my rating 
Ann: I don't think it would have worked if Vorgell got at Madd - not with the whole slave loss of control thing 
Jenni Lea: Yeah Madd didn't need dick. He got plenty of that when he was being used as a sex toy. =(
SRAL: What JL said =(
SRAL: I lurve my tortured souls. 
Audrey: Yes, ditto to JL. 
Ann: What JL said too 
Audrey: Madd was such a sympathetic character, even though he seemed like a jerkface in the beginning. 
Ann: He had to be a jerkface though 
Audrey: Okay, favorite quotes time! If you guys have any, let 'em roll! 
Sunny: "There you go, big boy. I'm inside you now. This is what you really want, isn't it?" 
Sunny: That was hot 
Audrey: Sunny, that was HOT. 
Ann: Dammit - I is ill prepared 
Jenni Lea: I giggled during that scene. Funnily enough, I found it really hot as well 
SRAL: My favorite quote (I'm a quote-nista BTW): “-I suck cock because I like cock. I like getting my cock sucked and I really--yes, really--like sucking the cocks of other men! And you know what I like the best of all? I like sticking my cock up some other man's ass!” 
Ann: I like the quote Sunny picked - put me down for that one 
Jenni Lea: When Vorgell says gleefully, "I get to be a thief?" 
Sunny: Oh, L, I liked that one, too 
Audrey: I liked the ones Sunny and SRAL picked, too! I also enjoyed the subtle humor at times, like "Wonderful. The basilisk, had imprinted on a completely clueless--albeit magical--barbarian." 
Sunny: "He'd had enough of unicorn horns and talk of magic. A good fight was something he understood. "Battle!" he cried. He ran toward the melee. 
Ann: I like all those - put me down for those too. 
Jenni Lea: What Ann said 
Lorix: All good quotes. 
Natasha: I agree with sunny me thinks 
Justin: "Relax big guy, it's just a finger" 
Sunny: "Here and there I'll suck your dick, but just for the magic." 
Natasha: I liked that part. I laughed 
SRAL: I like Tali Spencer. She has a way with words. All great quotes.
Ann: Totally! 
Sunny: "You're not the one with the star fires of a phoenix burning in his balls." 
Jenni Lea: Yes, very clever 
Breann: I like Justin's. I think I'm going to put that on a sign and hang it up in my bedroom... just as a reminder ;D 
Audrey: *evil giggle* *high fives B* 
Justin: LMFAO, B 
Lorix: Lol B 
Sunny: Oh, B... You are awesome 
Natasha: so awesome
Ann: Another thing to stitch on a pillow 
Lorix: Great Christmas present Ann. 
Audrey: Since the holiday season is upon us, what do you guys think Vorgell and Madd would give each other as Christmas gifts? 
Lorix: Magic via jizz 
Jenni Lea: Madd would give Vorgell an axe and Vorgell would give Madd kisses and cuddles. Oh, and his ass too. 
Sunny: xmas gifts? 
Lorix: And being the bottom. 
Audrey: I LOVE that Madd gave Vorgell the little unicorn horn necklace. 
Breann: That he did. What a guy. 
Ann: Vorgell would give Madd something he made and it would be all crude and rough, but it would be sweet as hell 
SRAL: Vorgell? His arse. Madd? Something kinky to tie Vorgell up with. 
Natasha: ummmmmm, I think madd would give vorgell some kind of cutey collar for petal http://us12.chatzy.com/elements/smileys/default/big_grin.png 
Ann: I like that Natasha! 
Justin: They'd give each other deodorant 
Lorix: Lol J 
Breann: LMAO!! 
Ann: Oh J! *note to self* never recommend historical book to J 
Sunny: definitely not, Ann 
SRAL: God I loved Petal. Never thought I would love a basilisk. 
Sunny: Madd would let Vorgell top, 'cause even though Vorgell likes to bottom, he also likes Madd's ass 
Lorix: Yep Sunny. 
Jenni Lea: agree 
Audrey: They needed a rimming scene. Just sayin'. 
Ann: *nods head* rimming is good 
SRAL: Yep. 
Justin: rimming an unwashed ass. yes that's all kind of sexy. gag! 
Ann: I KNEW you were going to say that! 
Audrey: Oh come on, J! =P
SRAL: I knew that was coming 
Sunny: lol 
Lorix: Yeah, but he'd definitely need a bath before that scene. Just sayin' 
Audrey: hehehehehehhehee 
Breann: that is gross after the whole 'dirty' thing 
Audrey: Are we just baiting J at this point? sorry!! 
Sunny: maybe 
Ann: with swamp ass 
Natasha: it's how things went! 
Lorix: Soap would be required 
Breann: it is gross how they shared the water 
Breann: at least the little guy went first 
Natasha: lol 
Natasha: the little guy 
SRAL: Definitely not rec'ing historicals to you, J
Audrey: I thought the world was very creative. I liked the naming conventions to show the family heritage. 
Sunny: Good point, Audrey. I liked the naming stuff, too 
Ann: I liked all the names of stuff - it made it seem magical 
Jenni Lea: NOW WAIT JUST A MINUTE HERE! J, didn't you read Viking porn??? Did they take a bath in those books????? 
Justin: They just fucked in the viking porn. No story at all 
Ann: Viking porn was fucking awesome! 
Justin: they weren't kissing in the viking porn either. JUST FUCKING! 
SRAL: Ah but if the viking porn was realistic, lice would be the least of their problems 
SRAL: Imagine all the vermin living in and ON those vikings 
Sunny: I'm sorry this was an issue for you Justin =(
Ann: Didn't J pick this one? 
Jenni Lea: He sure did! 
SRAL: He did? =O
Audrey: Let's wrap it up with two questions!  Okay, first thing you think of - one thing you LOVED and one thing you'd change. 
Justin: Haha I liked the book. It was very imaginative. Just not what I enjoy 
Sunny: I loved Vorgell. He was so earnest, and sweet, and fixated on sex and fighting, but wanting to cuddle. 
Ann: That Madd was Toppy Topperson - favoritest thing. I can't really think of anything I would change. 
Lorix: Change the beginning - less tell, more show. I liked it once they got to the castle.
Jenni Lea: LOVED that Vorgell was a big ole teddy bear who would just as soon cuddle you as kick your ass 
Ann: Vorgell *sigh* 
Audrey: For me, I loved that Vorgell wasn't anything like I expected him to be. I would probably make the book a little shorter; it dragged at times for me. 
Sunny: Some parts felt a little glossed over, or rushed, or something. I'm not sure how to explain it. 
Sunny: Yes, some parts dragged a bit 
Natasha: I agree with audrey 
Ann: I'm thinking it was that way because there will be a sequel? 
SRAL: What I loved was the writing - the world created felt realistic yet fantastical with really rich characters. Everything wasn't super obvious. What I would change? Not a damn thing. It worked for me. It's on my scanty list of favorites for the year. 
Lorix: I love that you love it so much SRAL. 
Ann: One of my faves too - definitely! 
Justin: that femur bone part really freaked me out. I liked the magic portals 
Breann: I don't remember that AT ALL 
Ann: I forgot about the bone thing 
Natasha: I remembered the bone thing and liked it! 
Sunny: The magic wands were made of witches' bones 
Audrey: I thought the bone thing was freaky, but appropriately awful, given how horrendous the witch-hunting was portrayed. It HAD to be something bad in order for the witch-hunting to be such a terrifying thing. 
Natasha: I actually loved it quite a bit too! one of my fav bmbr monthly reads! maybe my fav 
Sunny: It was intense, but then funny, then scary, then funny. I liked that. 
Natasha: the sex was SOOOO HOT 
Jenni Lea: I really enjoyed it too and I look forward to the sequel. It better have Vorgell in it! 
Ann: The humor made it for sure. 
Justin: I will say again the writing was superb! 
Natasha: I liked all of it! the unconventional sex, the quirky but loveable main characters, the magic, the gruesome parts, the magic... LOVED ALL OF IT 
Audrey: I was also really disturbed by the torture Madd had to go through with the demon thingees the wizard summoned. I hated that part. 
Audrey: But I also see why it was there. 
Jenni Lea: Yes Audrey, that part pulled at my heartstrings 
Sunny: I liked this way more than I thought I would when we picked it for the happy hour chat 
Ann: I think that was what was so great about this book - the depth and feelz were kind of unexpected 
SRAL: I'm prancing in glee for this book. I still have the pony play book stuck in my head. I'm galloping with bad horse puns. 
Natasha: I felt like all those hard parts (rape) were kind of needed to make Madd such a believable character... or else I would've been like "WHY HE SO STUCK UP" but because those parts existed and I read about them/experienced them... it made sense why he was the way he was 
Lorix: Now see to me that was the problem, I really struggled with the first part of the book - yet the bit I got to this morning I really liked and wanted to continue reading. But the first part I didn't like at all hence it taking me so long to read. 
Audrey: Any last thoughts on Thick as Thieves? =)
SRAL: Fucking. Awesome. 
Sunny: So much fun =)
Sunny: weird to say that when it had the dark parts, but it really was fun 
Justin: Great book just not for me. I read the whole thing so I didn't hate it .
Breann: you're so nice J =D I'm not that nice 
Breann: I would have DNF if not for this chat 
Natasha: no I totally agree Sunny! 
Audrey: I could appreciate that it was really well done and surprised me. The characters were great. I probably wouldn't pick it to read myself, though. 
Ann: I like that Lori can say "hence" and get away with it. 
Lorix: Lol Ann!! 
Sunny: Lori adds class to our group 
Ann: Somebody needs to 
Natasha: lori is classy shit 
Lorix: *snorts* Thanks Sunny! 
Justin: It just wasn't my "favourite" heehee 

Sunny: lmao 

*quirks brow and rubs unicorn horn thoughtfully*

Makes you wonder, huh? ;)

Does Thick as Thieves sound like a world you'd like to dive into? Despite our differing opinions, we all agreed that this book was definitely different!

Thanks for joining us for the January chat and big unipornian wishes to all for a happy new year! Keep an eye out for our Tali Spencer interview, which will be posted next week.

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Ann: 5 Stars
Natasha: 4.5 Stars
Jenni Lea: 4 Stars
SheReadsALot: 5 Stars
Sunny: 4 Stars

Note: This chat has been edited for length and clarity.

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